Jun 9 Zoominar: How PNM Runs Circles Around Our Legislature and PRC

Tues., June 9, 6:30- 8:00 pm: How PNM Runs Circles Around Our Legislature and PRC, and How A Group of Local Shareholder Activists Are Exposing PNM’s Dissembling.

Five years ago a group of local activists purchased shares in PNM stock and formed PNM Shareholders for a Responsible Future. Every year since then, the group has introduced resolutions at the PNM Annual Meeting seek more transparency in PNM’s operations, decision-making processes, especially regarding fossil fuel investments, and the negative impact of those actions for ratepayers and on the environment. The resolutions were all voted down, in large part due to PNM Board opposition. Undeterred, the shareholder activists recently used the annual shareholder meeting to submit probing questions embedded with statements and facts that reflect PNM’s manipulation of the legislative process (ETA) and their misleading or false testimony at the PRC. PNM execs have gone to great lengths to suppress the activist shareholders, even moving their meetings to Texas to deter attendance.

Members of the group will share their questions from the May 12 Annual Meeting that probed how PNM crafted the ETA to escape PRC regulation of their operations at Four Corners and Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station. The questions also illustrate how badly PNM has handled plans for replacement power. Slides and audio recordings will illustrate how CEO Pat Vincent Collawn’s responses were refuted by PNM’s own sworn testimony at the PRC,

If you want to get clarity on what is really going on at the PRC and the truth about how PNM is running circles around our legislature and the PRC, you won’t want to miss this discussion.

In short, we will get to the truth. Click here to pre-register. You must Pre-Register to secure a “seat” in the Zoom Room.