Join a Retake Legis Advocacy Team

Do you want to make sure the NM State Legislature decriminalizes abortion, increases funding for early childhood, passes the Health Security Act, legalizes recreational cannabis, and protects our environment? So do we, and we have a plan.

For the last four legislative sessions, Retake Our Democracy and our allies have watched as one great bill after another passed in the House only to die in the NM State Senate. Working with many allies, most of the Senators who were roadblocks to these bills were defeated in primaries, with the result being a tremendous opportunity in 2021, a Senate ready to pass good bills.

But we don’t want to take any chances, fully seven new Democrats will be joining the Senate this year, over 25% of the entire Democratic Senate caucus. We want to be sure that we engage every Democratic Senator during late December and early January, organizing Zoom meetings with Senators and their constitutes to find out their priorities and share with them ours. The purpose of these meetings is to educate our Senators on issues we care about and identify wherever a Senator opposes one of our bills or has questions about it. We will then connect the Senator the bill sponsor and/or the organization that is advancing the bill so that they can become better informed.

We have observed that it often appears that legislators have made up their minds by the time they vote on a bill in committee and so we want to help educate them well before the session begins.

You do not have to be a policy wonk or especially comfortable persuading others, as there will be other constituents in the zoom meeting and Retake provides detailed bill summaries that can get you up to speed.

Please click below to join a team in your Senate District. You will begin receiving information on how that team is developing and when you will be meeting with your state Senator. And please, share this link with others in your district and anywhere else in New Mexico. The more teams and team members we organize, the more impact we will have!!!