Each of the links below will take you to well-researched analysis of the issue described in the heading. The number of issues is expanding quickly as we have 35 volunteer researchers actively working to develop research summaries that we are calling Action Research Kits. These research pieces are designed to educate our supporters and provide information not commonly found in the media. Please use this information as you prepare to advocate with elected officials or policy makers or before you try to persuade a friend or family member. It is always good to come with the facts. The research is organized into categories to make it easier to locate information.

Criminal Justice

rapeThe New Mexico Rape Kit Backlog.  New Mexico has the longest per capita backlog in analysis of rape kits in the US, yet another area where we rank last. This Research Action Kit, prepared by Mary Ann Amos, is the first produced by our volunteer researchers. It includes analysis of how the backlog developed, examples of how other states have addressed similar backlogs, video tape describing the forensic examination process a woman must go through to have a kit developed and video of two rape victims describing their experience with the forensic exam and being raped. Also included is a link to the bill introduced in the Roundhouse in 2017. Click here to read the report.

death-penalty-3The Death Penalty.  New Mexico Republicans are always trying to restore the death penalty. Click here for an excellent analysis of the death penalty prepared by Alan Webber from OneNew Mexico. It includes both fiscal implications and social implications.


3-strikesThree Strikes and You Are Imprisoned for Life. Another regressive law that NM Republicans continue to expand, is the “three strikes” law that imprisons for life individuals convicted for a third time of specific kinds of offenses. This link will take you to a summary of a California Legislative Analysts report on the costs of such a law. Click here.


marijuanaLegalization of Recreational Marijuana.  Sales of recreational marijuana has been legalized in eight states, including California, Nevada and Colorado. In CO, last year’s marijuana sales topped $1 billion. Currently, towns on Colorado’s southern border are booming with new business from New Mexicans traveling north to purchase marijuana.  Those sales could occur in NM and generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue for a state that is desperate for funding. Click here for the Top Ten Reasons for Legalizing Recreation Marijuana Sales. The summary also includes a link to another article that describes the social, economic, and criminal justice benefits specific to NM.


Election Reform

voter-regOregon’s Automatic Voter Registration Initiative. The state of Oregon has adopted legislation that creates a process through which individuals are automatically registered to vote whenever they apply for a driver’s license. A key component of election reform includes making it easier for individuals to register to vote, as well as to have their vote counted. Click here for a summary of the Oregon reform.

voter-fraudThe Voter Fraud Hoax.  That there is widespread voter fraud is one of the primary hoaxes used by Republicans to suppress voting are a range of voter ID or other strategies designed to deny individuals the right to vote. Claims of voter fraud are entirely debunked in this excellent analysis. Click here.


coal pollution smallNew Energy Economy Battles Public Service Corporation of New Mexico (PNM) and the Public Regulation Commission (PRC). This short piece has links to longer analyses of two critical New Mexico issues. PNM’s coal replacement plan and PNM’s effort to foist extraordinary new costs upon rate payers. In both instances, the PRC approved PNM’s plans, but on January 25, 2017, New Energy Economy took the case to the NM Supreme Court. Click here for more.






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