How We Fix the NM State Senate

Some of you may have been lucky enough to see the presentation created by Eric Shimamoto, an ABQ activist. He presented it at a few Indivisible groups and at a Retake meeting. We thought so highly of it, we worked with Andy Fertal of Peoples Progressive Media to produce a video of the presentation. This is essential viewing. Eric has laid out with great precision how a few NM Democratic Senators caucus with the GOP, vote with the GOP and use their leadership positions to foil efforts to pass so many great bills. I could not recommend this more highly and strongly encourage you to share it with friends.

Apologies for the goofy photo of me in the top left corner. After hours of trying, there appears to be no way to remove it as it is the icon used for the Retake YouTube channel where this video is housed. This was Eric’s work, not mine. I just helped emcee the presentation.

When you finish viewing this, please share it with others. If you are in an Indivisible group or some other activist group, show this to your group. It will motivate you to get involved in the 2020 primaries where there are many opportunities already in place to Fix the NM State Senate.

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