How to Use the Retake Website & Other Resources

Retake Our Democracy’s website is designed to make it easier for busy people to remain informed, and hopefully to become engaged and active. I think most of our subscribers feel the blog keeps them updated, but the goal is really to help you find an activist niche where with 1-2 hours a week you can have a clear and gratifying impact.

Retake has a good deal of information on the website and so I wanted to offer some suggestions for ways to take advantage of those resources:

  • Use the search function on the right side of the home page, just put in an issue in which you are interested and you will find plenty of articles on the topic to review;
  • Make a habit of sharing articles and posts with other friends who may have an interest in a topic, this can be the start of developing a personal affinity group–a group of friends with a shared interest in a social problem or community challenge, a group that could evolve from sharing articles; to meeting to discuss the articles over coffee; to an action group that spearheads community action or City Council or Roundhouse advocacy on that topic.
  • Make a habit of going over the Monday blog to see if you missed anything the week prior and to get a preview of actions and events for the week to come;
  • Visit the This Weeks Actions & Events page on our website frequently….it includes many events and actions that are not profiled in our emails;
  • Like our Facebook page….we often post articles, actions, and commentary that do not appear in the blog, especially alerts that are just developing and if you see something you like, share it onto your Facebook page.
  • Comment on our blog posts. We encourage both praise and criticism and approve ALL comments. It would be great if we could broaden discussion of issues we raise and form more conversation among ourselves.
  • Under the Resources menu, we have a wide range of resources, from contact information for elected officials, to recommended books, video and publications;
  • Under the Actions Menu, check out the Personal Action Toolkit as it outlines how to move from interested in social justice to engaged and active in social justice.
  • We have two very active Action Teams where you can join in and find a way to channel your energy into either State or local activism:
    • Roundhouse Advocacy Team. We have a statewide platform; we have a growing statewide Rapid Response Network and a plan for strengthening that Network and helping members cultivate cultivate relationships with their elected representatives and introduce those representatives to our platform. This is a great team and we have fun. Meets from 4:30-6:30pm on the 2nd & 4th Th of each month at New Energy Economy; 343 Alameda St. Santa Fe.
    • Local Action Team. This team also has a platform of 24 local policies. Prioritizing actives have begun and the team is now researching examples of how other cities have implemented these policies. We will use these briefs to educate our Mayor and City Councilors. Team members are also cultivating relationships with their City Council representatives. As the Council begin deliberating budget, Santa Fe University of Art & Design, and other policy issues, we want to be a respected partner in City deliberations. To find out more, write to Jennifer Johnson

Please provide suggestions as to how we could improve the blog or website by writing to me directly at:

In solidarity,

Paul & Roxanne