Fix the Senate Primary Campaigns

Challengers to NM Senate DINOs

The NM Primary is almost here! Below you’ll find contact info for challengers to seven incumbent so-called Democratic Senators in our state who far too often vote with the Republicans. No matter where you live, you can help this field of excellent challengers win (6 of 7 are women!).

If you want to learn more about why these races are so important, please watch Fix the New Mexico Senate below. Produced by Eric Shimamoto, Andy Fertal, and Retake Our Democracy, the video lays out Eric’s excellent analysis of how five NM State Senate DINOs, or corporate Democrats, essentially control which bills are introduced and which bills get passed. It also describes how NY had the same problem, how they fixed it, and what a difference it made in the NY state legislature. It is a compelling video and worth your time. Viewing Fix the New Mexico State Senate will motivate you to get involved in one of the races below.

Fix the New Mexico Senate Or How a Handful of Corporate-Funded DINOs Throttle Progress

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