This Week Events & Opportunities

There are policies that can address economic injustice and the lack of equity on national, state and local levels. But there are also personal actions each of us can take to rebalance the disequilibrium between those that have much and those that have little. Retake Our Democracy is significantly expanding our commitment to facilitating our volunteers taking personal action to achieve equity in Santa Fe.

ksfrSaturday, Dec. 9 11am. Retake Our Democracy, KSFR 101.1. FM. Paul Gibson interviews Heather Ferguson, Legislative Director of Common Cause, NM, with a focus on yet another City Council issue. Rightfully, so the City is concerned about mounting legal fees in defending various actions. Now the Rio Grande Foundation is suing the City, demanding that they alter its disclosure regulations to eliminate disclosure requirements on all ballot issues, i.e things like the soda tax while remaining in tact (for now) disclosure laws related to candidates. The problem here is that disclosure rules are far more important on ballot measures. Local candidate elections rarely draw much outside money and even if they did, at least candidates have a track record to counter negative outside ads. Ballot measures have no pre-history and are far more likely to draw outside funds as industries want to defeat early manifestations of any policy that might actually curb the wanton greed of corporations or that might impose restrictions on big money. I am going to blog on this on Tuesday the 5th but have recorded the show and it is very good. If you miss any of the shows, they are available on the KSFR website by podcast, so you can go back and binge listen to Retake Our Democracy by clicking here. It usually takes a few days for a new show to be posted, so be patient.

1 Think National Act LocalWrite to your Mayor & City Council to Oppose PNM Solarization Proposal.  PNM is proposing to bypass a procurement process that would likely identify a better deal for Santa Fe. PNM’s proposal would not be cost-effective and would saddle the City with a solar partnership with the historic enemy of renewables. Click here for details and contact information for the Mayor and City Council and please let them know why you oppose this proposal.

action-changes-thingsRetake Takes Action. Dec. 12, 6pm-7:15pm RSVP for location.  Retake’s Local Research and Activism Team is shifting from research to direct community service. Join Jennifer Johnson & Tracey Enright who are co-chairing this shift and explore options for direct community group service on projects in Santa Fe, with a lens on under-served communities. This is the kickoff of what could become just another way that you can get in the game and work with others to advance justice in New Mexico. RSVP by writing to Jennifer Johnson at


December 14 and 28, 5:30-7:30. Roundhouse Advocacy Team. New Energy Economy Conference Room. 343 E Alameda St, Santa Fe,  We will begin identifying Roundhouse districts in which Retake wants to support Democratic candidates who are incumbents and face stiff challenges in 2018, a very limited number of Democratic Primary candidates who might challenge seated Representatives who have not been consistently supportive of progressive legislation; and new Democratic candidates seeking to take GOP seats. We are also going to begin planning for advocacy in the 2018 session, as despite this being a short session, there are a number of bills we will be pushing. Come find out how you can get involved. RSVP by writing to me at 

January 24, 7pm, The Lensic. Nomi Prins. $8. Tickets went on sale Saturday and the floor is half sold out already. Prins is a writer, investigative journalist, and public speaker. The author of six books, she is well-known for the exposé It Takes a Pillage: Behind the Bonuses, Bailouts, and Backroom Deals from Washington to Wall Street and All the Presidents’ Bankers, a narrative about the relationships between presidents and key bankers over the past century and their impact on domestic and foreign policy.  Her new book, Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World,which explores the rise of central bank power and influence in the global financial, economic, and geopolitical hierarchy, is forthcoming in 2018. Clck here to purchase tickets.