This Week’s Actions & Events

Find below, first the events of the coming week and then below, actions that you can take this week.

Actions For This Week

THIS IS A CRITICAL ACTION AND IT WILL TAKE YOU TWO MINUTES TO COMPLETE. C1 Lujanontact Representative Ben Ray Lujan about Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee policies and campaign practices.  We have run a series of posts covering the DCCC and its policies and practices that consistently tilt the scales in favor of centrist Democrats. The best way to catch up on all of the issues raised is to use the search function on the website and search for “Lujan.” But if you want to get the gist of it, this link, click here, takes you to a post that includes links six articles. Speaking points are easy: Stop tilting the scale and undermining progressive candidates.

We are in a unique position, as constituents of the Chair of the DCCC, we have an opportunity to pressure Lujan to do the right thing. In your own words, tell him you have his back, that you want him to stop DCCC tilting the scales for centrist candidates, you want him to encourage candidates to speak out on gun control and single payer healthcare, and you want him to ensure that progressive candidates get a fair deal in the primaries.  Copy and paste the summary of concerns below into an email and write to Rep. Lujan at:

Since July, Retake has been covering the DCCC very undemocratic practices under Rep. Ben Ray Lujan’s leadership

  • July 23 report on DCCC all too cozy relationship with Wall St and its corporate fundraising practices, click here.
  • Aug 15 report on a meeting with Rep. Lujan where he outlined how the DCCC was keeping impartial in identifying House candidates and how the DCCC was stressing small donations over corporate support. Click here to review this report.
  • Sept 13 report on how Rep. Lujan fared in terms of his support (or lack of support) of Our Revolutions 8 point People’s Platform. Click here to review that report.
  • Feb 4 report on how the DCCC is systematically tilting the scale in dozens of 2018 House races and how the election of centrist Democrats with tight corporate ties leads to a Congress incapable of advancing progressive legislation. Click here.
  • A Feb 24 report that focuses on a single race in Houston with the DCCC overtly undermining the campaign of a solid progressive candidate. Click here.
  • On March 1, a post about the DCCC undermining single payer healthcare by telling candidates not to discuss it AND by working with a health insurance think tank to generate an alternative to single payer, Medicare Extra for All, a bogus bill that protests pharma and insurers.  Click here.

If you haven’t taken the Speak Up New Mexico! Legislative Priorities survey, please do so today to tell your legislators what bills you want to see become law.  Click the blue button at left to take the survey. And if you want to get involved with our 2018-2018 Roundhouse Advocacy Team, we meet on Thursday from 4:30-6:30pm at New Energy Economy, 343 E. Alameda. To RSVP, just write to me at If you want to read about our 2018-2019 Election and Legislative Strategy, click here.

Eldorado 285 Recycles. March 13th, 2018, 4pm to 6pm. Eldorado Community Center,1 Hacienda Loop Meeting Agenda They meet from  on the 2nd Tues. of the month in the conference room. Below is a summary of their important and impressive work.Eldorado 285 Recycles is the largest citizen activist group for recycling in NM. They are trying to work with schools, the county, small groups, dentist offices, restaurants, all sorts of venues to bring zero waste, recycling, and waste and recycling consciousness to our area and beyond. It’s hard with little or no money and not much interest or advocacy within the government. They have turned several large Eldorado events into zero waste events, are starting a “skip the straw” campaign, and have installed over 100 worm bins in Eldorado, each keeping over 500 lbs. of food waste out of the landfill annually. But I attended a board meeting Monday night and noticed each member was given a plastic water bottle to get them through the meeting. Ugh!  [Paul Comments: Maybe a good joint project would be to get elected officials in Santa Fe and surrounding jurisdictions water bottles with a Retake logo on them.]

The problem is getting worse with the recent Chinese ban on accepting the developed world’s plastic waste, and as your link points out, the ramping up of plastic manufacturing. Other communities nationwide are warehousing plastic or landfilling it now due to the ban (in Washington state and Oregon). This may turn out to be a good thing if the US develops more recycling options and markets for recycled materials. While it appears there may be alternatives on the horizon, the petrochemical industry is likely to squelch any new greener alternatives like they have with other cleaner engines, etc. For more, click the link below.
I hope you will check out their website at: and attend one of their meetings.

1 roundhouse advocacy 1Roundhouse Advocacy Team. Thursday, March 22, 4:30-6:30pm at New Energy Economy, 343 E. Alameda.  The Roundhouse Advocacy Team (or the Rat Pack) has been meeting for a year to develop a 2018-2019 Election and Legislative Strategy. That strategy is being launched at the Town Hall above, but the nuts and bolts process of developing a statewide network for election and legislative success happens at this meeting. We meet the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month, same time, same location.  This week, we will be beginning developing our statewide Rapid Response Network and with hundreds of people signed up to be a part of it from all parts of the state, there is plenty to do. And if you can’t make it to these meetings, please just write to me, as there is PLENTY you can do from home and at your own pace. Write to me at This is where the action is, my friends. A tremendous team doing amazing work.

We like to promote other groups doing important work in and around Santa Fe and I was sent information about this group. See below and I’d encourage you Eldorado residents and others nearby who are alarmed by the growing use of plastics, to check them out.

Screenshot 2018-03-03 11.01.42.pngMarch for Our Lives, March 24, noon to 2pm. I do not know who is actually organizing this, but according to their Facebook event page there are 1500 folks going or interested and some details are becoming clear. Read on. Please join with students from schools in Santa Fe & surrounding areas in solidarity with the Parkland, Florida and other students marching in DC, Saturday, March 24.  Walk from the Roundhouse at noon to the Plaza where many of the students will speak at the rally.

Those organizing the rally could use some help:
  •    Show up, bring families, friends
  •    Post on social media -link below
  •    Buy t-shirts – link below
  •    Support the students on Gofundme – link below
  •    Make, carry signs
  •    Volunteer to be a marshall (u would be directed to a specific location on the route between the Roundhouse & Plaza where the streets are blocked off; you will b given a fluorescent vest to wear).  You would remain there until all the marchers have passed, then attend the rally at the Plaza.  If you are willing & able to help this way, pls. contact Jade at
Clink here to RSVP and for more info on the Facebook event page.
Link to Gofundme:
Link to Etsy, t-shirt sales:

Ongoing Actions

Democratic National Committee Members to Support and Vote For ALL RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE UNITY REFORM COMMISSION

As tomorrow’s blog will make very clear, if we are ever going to create a justice-based economy, we need to stop organizing our election processes around placating the wealthy and their corporations. Advancing the Unity Reform Commission’s goals is one step in that direction. The DNC’s Unity Reform Commission has now issued its report with recommendations which push the Democratic Party in a democratic direction. Imagine that. The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBC) has about five more months to review and determine whether to adopt all recommendations. The Commission recommendations call for reducing the number of notoriously undemocratic superdelegates to the national convention from 712 to about 300, a step toward full democracy within the party.

The Commission recommendations call for open primaries and caucuses, same-day registration, and more transparent, fair, and accountable leadership at the helm of the DNC, including improved transparency for DNC contracts with high-paid consultants and vendors. All recommendations were arrived at through painstaking compromise between the Sanders supporters and the Clinton supporters on the Commission. Yet, some members of the RBC are working to separate out recommendations to vote down or to dilute.

Reach out to the DNC members of our state to commit to all the recommendations and not allow the RBC to chop them up. Taking our issues to the DNC now is our best chance to bring to fruition our work from 2016 and 2017, and democratize our party And when you reach out to them, emphasize that there a goodly number of NM Democrats who are done with centrist polices and corporate-determined Party structures and practices. Tell them that if they do not advance a more inclusive, small d democratic process, then expect to be replaced. Enough is enough and, again as our next blog will demonstrate, their tired polices and political approaches simply do not meet the needs of the majority and inspire no one.

Email to:

I am a registered Democrat in New Mexico, and I urge you to make a public commitment to support and vote for ALL of the recommendations of the Unity Reform Commission. I further urge you to tell all members of the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee to accept all recommendations, as a whole, in order to move the Democratic Party toward broader participation and transparency. Do not allow them to be diminished or diluted.  The recommendations as a whole encourage greater involvement in the Democratic Party by all sectors of society, which the party needs for policy changes, to elect Democratic candidates in New Mexico, and to change the course of this country.

If you are a New Mexico State Central Committee member, please indicate that in your signature to your email.

Thank you,

For more information on the Unity Reform:

1 Mueller trump

National Action If Mueller is Fired. We will need to be ready at a moment’s notice. Read On for Santa Fe Plan.  RISE Stronger New Mexico has scheduled a rapid response #Resistance Action in Santa Fe if special prosecutor Robert Mueller is fired. The local event details will mirror national plan which can be found here: The Santa Fe rally will begin hours after news breaks of a Mueller firing: If Mueller is fired BEFORE 2 P.M. local time —> events will begin @ 5 P.M. local time, If Mueller is fired AFTER 2 P.M. local time —> events will begin @ noon local time the following day. Our gathering place will be the bandstand on the Santa Fe Plaza.   Click here to RSVP for this event. It is not a Facebook event, so anyone can sign up. For an article speculating that Mueller will be fired on Dec 22, click here.


Reverend Barber leads Poor People’s Campaign Kick-Off in ABQ, Aug 15.

The Poor People’s Campaign (starting this blog with some words of inspiration).  A note from Todd Wynberg, one of the NM coordinators for the campaign: “We enter into this new year as newly-cobbled friends and allies joined in a common cause. It is called the Poor People’s Campaign, but we know it is far more than that. We do not know exactly what will happen, but we do know for certain we are embarking on a journey that will be life-transforming,  earth-honoring, people-dignifying, spirit-following, empire-resisting, despair-erasing, justice-seeking and society-changing. Maybe you feel it too–this is going to be big, my friends. At the brink of beginnings, during a brief season of quiet, it feels right to me to offer a few brief words. Below are three short pieces I have found of deep value that seem very appropriate for our future work together: a poem, a prayer, and a creative translation of the beatitudes. A most blessed new year to you all.” –Todd. I included the first of the three Todd offered up. Along with a link here to sign up for the Campaign and get information as we advance toward the launch of nationwide civil disobedience on May 13.  Click here to RSVP for the kick off on Sunday, Jan 14 (see above).