This Week’s Actions & Events

Find below, first the events of the coming week and then below this week’s actions is contact information about how you can canvass, call and contribute to key political campaigns (PRC/Roundhouse), as well as other actions that you can take on an ongoing basis.  Retake and our partners had some big wins in June, ousting Rodella, Trujillo, Lovejoy and Jones high among them. But there is still much more work to be done. I would encourage all of our supporters to at least come to one of our Action Team meetings, one focused on local actions and policies and one focused statewide.  Check out the opportunities below.

And for those of you who may read the blog, who may join a march or two but who don’t take the next step of becoming engaged in some kind of ongoing social justice or political advocacy, click here to review Retake’s Personal Action Toolkit. It has been revised (Oct. 2018) to focus on how to get started in being more active and also  to be relevant to people in all parts of the country.  Click here to check it out.

Actions For This Week

Donate Button with Credit CardsDonate to Retake Today!  If you believe in what we are doing, we need your financial support to cover ongoing expenses. Most of these expenses are largely ‘invisible’ but amount to between $300-500/month. We really don’t waste money here and we are 100% volunteers, so we do depend on you to cover these costs. While many have stepped forward, many more have not and every little bit helps. And Thank You!!!!

Retake Our Democracy on KSFR,101.1 FM.  8:30am Saturdays!  Last week I interviewed author Michael Messner and local Veteran’s for Peace advocate, Daniel Craig.  This Saturday, Nov 17 I am interviewing Senator Peter Wirth and Speaker Brian Egolf.  We will be talking about the impact of the election on our plans for the 2019 Roundhouse legislative session. If you missed any of our shows, you can go to go to the programs menu, scroll to podcasts and then scroll down to Retake Our Democracy. All our shows are listed there to listen to at your convenience.

Roundhouse photoRoundhouse Advocacy Team. Thursday, November 29, 6:00pm-8:00pm at the Center for Progress and Justice, 1420 Cerrillos Rd.

The Roundhouse Advocacy Team (or the Rat Pack) has been meeting for a year to develop a 2018-2019 Election and Legislative Strategy. We had a huge turnout at our November 15 meeting with over 40 people attending and all indicating they wanted to play a role both in planning for session beginning now and in playing a role during the session. Plus we had about 40 others who indicated that they were interested in attending future meetings.  A great start to strengthening our Santa Fe base.

At the Thursday meeting we reviewed how the Rat Pack formed, what they have done, to date, and where we are headed for the session. We also had about a 30 minute open discussion with attendees offering suggestions and answering questions. We agreed to move the meeting to 6pm on Thursday’s to accommodate those who work and so we expect an even bigger crowd on the 29th and so we will structure the meeting to accommodate their need for an orientation.  From 6pm-6:30 we will provide a condensed version of the orientation presented on the 15th, focusing on describing the roles participants can play.  At 6:30 we will offer training in specific roles from reviewing bills to understanding how bills move through committees and to the floor. We are securing commitments from people who have been in the Roundhouse for years to ensure you have the best information and tools.

The last part of the meeting will be spent distributing information, scripts, tools and templates to people so they will be able to begin working on the myriad of tasks we need to complete between now and January 15, when the session opens.  The focus of our actions during Nov and Dec will be to expand the Rapid Response Network in targeted districts, districts where their representatives have habit of crossing the aisle and helping kill good progressive legislation. Our efforts will focus on trying to persuade these legislators that their constituents support key bills and that they will be paying attention to the level of support their elected reps provide to those bills.

If you would like to attend the meeting on the 29th, please email Paul Gibson at

DECEMBER 8 (Saturday), 10 AM: SANTA FE
“Effective Citizen Advocacy at the Legislature” workshop hosted by the League of Women Voters of New Mexico. The public is invited. Learn tips from legislators and a professional lobbyist on how to interact with legislators, speak at hearings, and advocate for your cause. New Mexico State Capitol Roundhouse, Room 322 (enter from the East side). Estimated length 2 hours.
DECEMBER 15 (Saturday), 2 PM: SANTA FE
“New Mexico Indivisibles for the National Popular Vote” monthly meeting. New Members welcome! We’ll get to know one another in person, plan our actions, and deepen our understanding of the National Popular Vote. La Farge Public Library, Community Room, 1730 Llano Street (off St. Michael’s Drive). Estimated length 2 hours. If you are not familiar with us yet, consider joining our 1,100-member Facebook group regardless of where you live:
JANUARY 12 (Saturday), 2 PM: SANTA FE
Second “National Popular Vote Public Forum,” just three days before New Mexico’s 2019 legislative session opens. Hosted once more by the League of Women Voters of Santa Fe County. The public is invited. This last National Popular Vote forum in Santa Fe will include a legislative focus and build on the forum of November 10, though previous participation is not necessary. Unitarian Universalist Santa Fe, Fogelson Hall, 117 W. Barcelona Road. Estimated length 2 hours. Please let us know far in advance if you would be willing to volunteer for the event.
JANUARY 16 (Wednesday), ALL DAY (plus five additional days): SANTA FE
“National Popular Vote-New Mexico” table directly inside the New Mexico State Capitol Roundhouse’s Halls of History on the ground floor, beginning the day after New Mexico’s 2019 legislative session opens. The table (and chairs) presence on January 16 and during five additional days throughout the legislative period (see below) will allow New Mexico’s National Popular Vote supporters, including you, to have a physical space in which to meet, compare information, strategize, and hold “Lobby Days” and “Petition Deliveries.” Here is the full list of our reserved table dates: January 16, January 22, February 21, February 26, March 5, and March 6. Please let us know far in advance if you would be willing to volunteer during these times.


The Red Nation Action.  Friday, November 16, 2pm at Hotel Santa Fe Hacienda and Spa, 1501 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe.

The EPA, Department of the Interior, NM Environment Department and representatives of the gas and oil industry plan to meet behind closed doors to construct plans to divert our precious water to expand fracking operation and then to ‘treat’ the toxic water and return this “produced water” to our watershed.  This is entirely unacceptable. The Red Nation plans to protest this threat to our land, air and water. For a complete analysis about the dangers of produced water, see:

For up-to-date information about the press conference and rally, visit Red Nation’s Facebook event page at:

Public ‘input’ can be emailed to ​​ by December 10th, 2018. ​Click here​ for more information on the Memorandum of Understanding between the State of New Mexico, the EPA, and the Governance of Produced Water in NM.

Please share this information via email, social media and other communication and encourage friends to join us in joining with The Red Nation

Protest Doubling the Well Density in San Juan. Special Hearing NM Oil Conservation Commission, Nov. 19th 9 am. 

Hilcorp is seeking approval to DOUBLE the well density in the Blanco-MesaVerde formation across San Juan and Rio Arriba counties without any analysis of impacts. The move could lead to 8,000 additional wells.

What can you do?  Come to the meeting! Speak out against this request.  On November 19th the New Mexico Oil Conservation Commission will be making their decision. We need to let them know that this is not OK. The public is invited to provide comment and San Juan Citizens Alliance will again be attempting to persuade the commission not to approve Hilcorp’s request. It is critical for the commission to get feedback from the public.

Can’t make it? Submit comments against the proposal to Below are some suggestions for talking points. Click here for more info and speaking points.  Please, edit and adapt as you see fit. Indeed, it is a good idea to use your own language borrowing the details from the information below.

Ongoing Actions

If you haven’t taken the Speak Up New Mexico! Legislative Priorities survey, please do so today to tell your legislators what bills you want to see become law.  Click the blue button at left to take the survey. And if you want to get involved with our 2018-2018 Roundhouse Advocacy Team, we meet on Thursday from 4:30-6:30pm at New Energy Economy, 343 E. Alameda. To RSVP, just write to me at If you want to read about our 2018-2019 Election and Legislative Strategy, click here.

1 Mueller trumpNational Action If Mueller is Fired. We will need to be ready at a moment’s notice. Read On for Santa Fe Plan.  Well, we obviously needed the response system and it worked well to protest Jeff Sessions being fired.  I strongly suggest you sign up below to receive updates from this National effort, but Retake will also keep you informed.

RISE Stronger New Mexico has scheduled a rapid response #Resistance Action in Santa Fe if special prosecutor Robert Mueller is fired. The local event details will mirror national plan which can be found here: The Santa Fe rally will begin hours after news breaks of a Mueller firing: If Mueller is fired BEFORE 2 P.M. local time —> events will begin @ 5 P.M. local time, If Mueller is fired AFTER 2 P.M. local time —> events will begin @ noon local time the following day. Our gathering place has been moved to the Railyard.   Click here to RSVP for this event. It is not a Facebook event, so anyone can sign up.


THIS IS A CRITICAL ONGOING ACTION AND IT WILL TAKE YOU TWO MINUTES TO COMPLETE. C1 Lujanontact Representative Ben Ray Lujan about Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee policies and campaign practices.  We have run a series of posts covering the DCCC and its policies and practices that consistently tilt the scales in favor of centrist Democrats. The best way to catch up on all of the issues raised is to use the search function on the website and search for “Lujan.” But if you want to get the gist of it, this link, click here, takes you to a post that includes links six articles. Speaking points are easy: Stop tilting the scale and undermining progressive candidates.

We are in a unique position, as constituents of the Chair of the DCCC, we have an opportunity to pressure Lujan to do the right thing. In your own words, tell him you have his back, that you want him to stop DCCC tilting the scales for centrist candidates, you want him to encourage candidates to speak out on gun control and single payer healthcare, and you want him to ensure that progressive candidates get a fair deal in the primaries.  Copy and paste the summary of concerns below into an email and write to Rep. Lujan at:

Since July, Retake has been covering the DCCC very undemocratic practices under Rep. Ben Ray Lujan’s leadership

  • July 23 report on DCCC all too cozy relationship with Wall St and its corporate fundraising practices, click here.
  • Aug 15 report on a meeting with Rep. Lujan where he outlined how the DCCC was keeping impartial in identifying House candidates and how the DCCC was stressing small donations over corporate support. Click here to review this report.
  • Sept 13 report on how Rep. Lujan fared in terms of his support (or lack of support) of Our Revolutions 8 point People’s Platform. Click here to review that report.
  • Feb 4 report on how the DCCC is systematically tilting the scale in dozens of 2018 House races and how the election of centrist Democrats with tight corporate ties leads to a Congress incapable of advancing progressive legislation. Click here.
  • A Feb 24 report that focuses on a single race in Houston with the DCCC overtly undermining the campaign of a solid progressive candidate. Click here.
  • On March 1, a post about the DCCC undermining single payer healthcare by telling candidates not to discuss it AND by working with a health insurance think tank to generate an alternative to single payer, Medicare Extra for All, a bogus bill that protests pharma and insurers.  Click here.