Equitable Development & Risk of Displacement: Profiles of Four Santa Fe Neighborhoods

Screenshot 2017-04-15 08.17.30This Kellogg-funded study provides a very revealing profile of four Santa Fe communities, Downtown, Canyon Rd., Hopewell Mann and Airport. It reveals a tale of two cities, one more affluent, Anglo and old and the other browner, younger and far less affluent.

The study will be an essential document in framing a different path forward, a way in which Santa Fe can both improve communities that currently lack access to adequate affordable housing, are disconnected from other parts of the city by an inadequate public transit system and a failure to invest sufficiently in bike trails, and are subject to creeping gentrification. Click: HIA-report-Final to review the complete report. Even a brief skim and review of the charts will tell you all you need to know. We live in two cities and we don’t have to.

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