The Most Important Election In US History:
 All Hands On Deck!   


The future of our country and life on our planet are hanging in the balance. With an incompetent, corrupt and self-serving president enabled by a complicit GOP and a criminally negligent Department of Justice, none of us can afford to stand on the sidelines. All of us must find ways to influence the national election while also helping to keep NM blue. While polls are leaning toward promising outcomes for Biden and Democrats in races for US Senate seats, we all remember 2016 when polls pointed to a win for Clinton. With looming possibilities of foreign intervention, voter suppression and/or acts of desperation by Trump to delegitimize the election, we must not become complacent. We need a landslide. We need the US Senate. We need to add more progressives to the NM state Senate. There is much to do and November is at hand.

NM State Election

Retake has consulted with election operatives, advocate allies, campaign managers and candidates. We’ve developed a list of six high priority “must win” NM state races along with a ToolKit for how you can be involved in our state legislative elections. We need to continue our work reshaping the NM state legislature. Over the last four years, with partners like Working Families Party, Olé, Albuquerque Interfaith, and Indivisibles across the state, we have reshaped the state legislature. But there is more work to be done. To find out how you can get in the game, click here.

US General Election for President & to Retake the Senate

We hope that many of you will also find time to weigh in on the national election. You likely don’t need a pep talk about how important it is that we soundly trounce Trump and retake the Senate. We’ve assembled an array of options for you to play an important role in critical swing states and/or in key Senate races. it is easy and it is even fun. Click here to find out how to get in the game.

To be very clear, Retake devotes less than 10% of its time and none of our financial resources to election activities. But as a 501-c-4, we are allowed to educate our community about candidates and campaigns and how they can become involved.

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