Lobbyist for the Education Issues below is:  Sign up for alerts.  He is providing me with bill summaries on Th, 2.2. for the bills below that do not now have bill summaries.

SB 35: Public School Sufficiency Funding (Soules)

Bill Summary:


SB 34: Teacher Evaluation Pilot Project

Bill Summary:


HB 7: Fiscal Bill to Address State Budget Shortfall by Invading School District Reserves.

Bill Summary: House Bill 7 (HB7) directs the secretary of public education to withhold $49.4 million from the FY17 state equalization guarantee (SEG) distribution of school districts and charter schools as a credit against excess FY16 year-end operational cash balances.


HB 46: Moratorium on Charter Schools

Bill Summary: From June 1, 2017 through January 1, 2020, no new initial applications for charter schools shall be accepted or approved by a chartering authority.”


HB 125: Teacher and Principal Evaluation System

Bill Summary: 


HB 114: Reading Improvement Plans and Interventions (oppose)

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