Economic Justice

HJR-2 Land Grant Fund for Economic Stimulus, CA

Bill Summary: Use of land grant funding to stimulate new economic development. Retake needs to do more research here.


HB 27 $15 Minimum Wage.

Bill Summary: Will raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour in 2018.


SB 264 Taxation on Internet Sales.

Bill Summary: Would tax internet sales at the rate that local businesses must pay GRT on sales. Currently online sales by companies like Amazon are untaxed, essentially providing these mega corporations a subsidy as our New Mexican companies must pay the GRT. Absence of this take on internet sales undermines local business.

HB 26 and SB 15: Pay Day Lending

Bill Summary:  Enacts new sections of the New Mexic0 Bank Installment Loan Act of 1959 and imposing a cap on interest rates of 36%; voiding contracts that exceed the interest rate cap; repealing a section of the New Mexico small loan act of 1955. The rates imposed on vulnerable, low-income populations by pay day lenders are obscene and this act would severely restrict their capacity to exploit people living paycheck to paycheck. 

Medicaid Funding and Tax/Revenue Reform— Retake does not have a bill number in this area, but should have bill numbers and summaries very soon.

Lobby Lead: Center Law and Poverty. Abuko D. Estrada at

The Center for Law and Poverty is advocating for full funding of Medicaid, which will be included in House Bill 2. That bill has now been introduced. The Center will also going to advocating for different revenue measures that include personal income tax, corporate income, gross receipts, alcohol and tobacco taxes. Some measures that we anticipate in these areas have yet to be filed but, again, should be happening soon. There should be more organization and scheduling at the Roundhouse moving forward. Certainly when measures are coming up on which Center is advocating, they will let folks know through their email list how they can take action.

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