Early Childhood – Permanent Fund Action on Monday, Feb. 6

latino-infantSJR 3, Permanent Funds for Early Childhood, Senate Rules Committee. Monday, Feb 6, 8:30am, Roundhouse, Room 321.  Sponsored by Senator Padilla, SJR 3 is scheduled to be heard on Monday 6 February in the Senate Rules Committee.  This joint resolution proposes an amendment to the New Mexico Constitution to increase the distribution from the Permanent Fund by 1.5%, to 6.5%.

Do NOT be confused by a bill introduced by Mary Pappen, SB 182, which is erroneously entitled Early Childhood Land Grant Fund. This bill would sell off 6.6 million acres of public land and enable our Governor and Audrey Dunn to sell this land to the fossil fuel industry. This is shameless and we will not soon forget Pappen’s sponsorship of this bill.

  • Please email or call the members of the committee listed below to express your support  this legislation. 
  • You can prepare, and then copy and paste your message into emails to the committee members listed at the bottom of this message, but it is far more effective to use the suggested message below and create a more personal statement, perhaps something that ties back to your personal reasons for supporting expansion of early childhood programs across the state.
Your message
  • Remember, the principal purpose of the message is to show your support for the legislation.
  • However, a brief justification for your position is helpful though not essential, to let the legislator know that you are familiar with the legislation. Here are possible reasons (but please use your own words)
    • Funds are needed as soon as possible for early childhood education
    • New Mexico has one of the largest permanent funds in the nation. And SJR-3 protects the value of the fund by including a provision that states:  A three-fifths majority in both the House and Senate can vote to suspend the additional distributions, and the additional distribution would be suspended should the five-year LGPF average drop below $10 billion.” In other words passage of SJR-3 would initiate the 1.5% increase in distribution and the fund is protected from being depleted by a provision to suspend the distribution if the fund drops below $10B.
Tips for emails:
  • If the addressee is the chair of the committee, you may wish to note that the legislation is scheduled in “his or her” committee.
  • If you are addressing the sponsor (see above) of legislation that you support, you may wish to acknowledge that by expressing your thanks.
  • If you are addressing the sponsor (see above) of legislation that you oppose, you may want to acknowledge that the addressee is the sponsor (for example, use of the phrase “…your bill…” in the message) while expressing your disagreement.
  • If your own legislator is a member of the committee, acknowledge that in your message.
Senate Rules
Click name to send email
Name Party Role
 Linda M. Lopez D Chair 986-4737
Jeff Steinborn D Vice Chair 986-4862
Gregory A. Baca R Member 986-4877
Jacob R. Candelaria D Member 986-4380
 Stuart Ingle R Member 986-4702
Daniel A. Ivey-Soto D Member 986-4270
Gerald Ortiz y Pino D Member 986-4482
Mary Kay Papen D Member 986-4733
Cliff R. Pirtle R Member 986-4391
 Clemente Sanchez D Member 986-4513
Mark Moores R Ranking Member 986-4856
Inaddition, these representatives need to hear from you, especially if you are one of their constituents.
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