Developing Young Leadership Action Team

         Young Leader Recruitment & Development

young-leadershipPurpose of Young Leader Recruitment & Development. This initiative is designed to identify young people who may not think they care about politics and may feel they do not have time to be informed or active, and engage, educate and activate them. The initiative is designed to take individuals who already have an interest in social justice and build that interest and help them develop the skills, relationships, and experience to play leadership roles in their community. The initiative will identify individuals with little interest in policy and the civic process and help them connect some dots about why they have to work so hard, the connection between the conditions in which we live, and the decisions that are made by others. For these individuals who are currently disengaged, the goal is to engage, educate, and inspire them to become active.

Coordinator. This initiative is being coordinated by Retake Our Democracy Steering Committee member Chad Jones from the Southwest Organizing Project.

Scope of Work. In a partnership with Santa Fe Community College and Southwest Organizing Project, Retake will organize ninety-minute forums at SFCC. Retake is working with SFCC instructors to make participation in the forum mandatory for students in specific political science, sociology, and civics classes. Some sessions will be issue-focused, with presentations related to climate change, immigration, $15 wage, etc. Other sessions will focus on training conducted by SWOP and other community organizations in communications, mediation, social action, community organizing, and other skills related to building the capacity of young leaders. The goal of the program is to motivate and inspire young students and community members to lead, to take a role in their community as volunteers, advocates, and candidates. We will provide initial education and opportunities for internships with community-based non-profits, advocacy groups, and city government.