December 11 Action Meeting Details

activist-slogan-1Retake Democracy is starting locally, with conversations among ourselves, with plans to engage, educate and activate our communities at the local, state, and national levels. 

We began with out Town Hall on Nov. 20, and we continue on Dec. 11 when we host a series of three Action Planning sessions with two breakouts during each session. You will not be talked at. You will talk in breakout groups where we will discuss what needs to be done. Who can do what?  And who can coordinate?  An RSVP is very important, as space will be limited. The link is provided at the bottom of this page.  Try to focus on the breakouts where you were prepared to devote time and energy. No one can do everything. We prefer you focus and devote sufficient time to one or two activities and make an impact.

On Dec. 11 we will focus on six strategies: 

How to use social media and mainstream media to advance our goals. Here we have much to learn. On the week ending Nov 6 we had 122 visitors to our website. This week we will exceed 4,000. That is rapid growth, but we have virtually no FB presence, no use of Twitter, and no team working the mainstream media. We need to get better.  Let’s talk about how.

How to use research on issues that matter to all of us: our environment, healthcare, a living wage, social security, our infrastructure. We will divide responsibilities by topic areas identified and prioritized by you. After the meeting, working from home, Research Team members will work in teams focused on each issue. Teams will develop Action Packets, comprised of narrative describing the issue, links to articles and video, speaking points for advocacy and conversation with friends, contact information for legislators, policymakers, and regulator,s and specific strategies that can be implemented at the local, state, and national level based on models that have worked in other cities, state,s and countries.

How to start neighborhood level conversations.  We will discuss how to launch canvassing teams throughout our community throughout the year, having conversations, listening to what keeps our neighbors up at night, engaging in a participatory, inclusive process to generate a People’s Agenda that can be implemented locally.

How to lobby our legislators at the Roundhouse. How do we prioritize a compact but impactful set of legislative priorities, make our voices heard, and create a communication network statewide to advance our priorities?

How do we use outreach strategies to build and diversify our base?  If you were at the Town Hall you saw it. A huge crowd, but we were largely white, largely over 50. That can’t continue. Come to this breakout to discuss how we diversify our age and ethnicity. We also want to reach out to other NM communities and initiate political action throughout the state. How? What can each of you do? Who will coordinate?

How can we use peaceful civil disobedience to raise awareness, raise questions, raise our voices and engage others in the struggle? There are so many strategies. How do we learn from those who have been in leading social movements for decades? What can we do now? Where do we need training? What kind of training? Who wants to organize this team?

If this sounds ambitious, it is. But the times call for bold action and our ability to succeed depends upon only one thing. Really, just one:  YOU. Click here for time, location, and to RSVP. There is limited space, so only sign up if you plan to come and plan to act.

WE are the people we’ve been waiting for.

We will be holding Action Meetings on various strategies over the coming months. If you keep coming and keep getting things done, we will keep organizing and planning.
Let’s Retake Our Democracy. It starts on Dec. 11th.

For details and to RSVP, click here.