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We will update this page as polling changes and as campaign strategies are honed and shift, offering you new ways to be engaged in this critical race.

Poll Update:

Polls released Nov 11 by the Remington Research Group (a C- rated polling firm) gave Perdue a 4% lead over Ossoff and had Rev. Warnock trailing by just 1%. We will keep you posted as new polling becomes available. But there is work to be done. See below to see why the race is so important, to meet the candidates and to see what you can do. We will update this information over time and have created a page under our Election Menu to offer the most current info on what you can do to win these critical runoffs.

Meet the Candidates

Jon Ossoff is an investigative journalist committed to strengthening our civil rights laws. His opponent embodies everything that’s wrong with our political system from lying to Americans about coronavirus to blatant corruption.

Rev. Raphael Warnock has dedicated his life to serving his community as Senior Pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church, the former pulpit of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His ultra-conservative opponent will spend whatever it takes to keep this seat red.

And let’s be clear, for progressive’s, Rev. Warnock has the stronger allure, but if we are to secure control of the Senate, we need to win both these races, so if Warnock is the more appealing candidate, donate and support him, but don’t forget Ossof. To meet our goals, we must win BOTH these races. I will continue to research other ways to write letters, send cards, and other actions through the national Indivisible, but for now, I am suggesting the following sites where you can find out how best to support these campaigns.

Why This Race is So Important

This weekend, the Washington Post offered a short piece outlining just how bad a GOP controlled Senate would be. We now have a chance to avoid that situation. Consider these observations if the GOP continues its control of the US Senate, from the Post:

  • Absolutely zero chance of any meaningful Covid relief for those out of work or for states and cities out of money, none.
  • Absolutely zero chance of any kind of judicial reform, court expansion or anything. We would be hostage to the court system created by McConnell and Trump;
  • No Green New Deal;
  • No criminal justice reform;
  • No path to citizenship;
  • No relief for students with overwhelming student debt; and
  • Remarkably, the Senate could actually refuse to approve any and all cabinet positions, no Secretary of the Treasury or Secretary of State approved unless they are Republican.

But we can prevent this and by now you are experts on what needs to be done. Are you ready to get involved in the two Georgia Senate runoffs slated for Jan 5? We can do this and below you will find links for how to donate, how to make calls or send texts and other ways to become involved.

What You Can Do

Rather than a modest small monthly contribution, please consider going all in on these two candidates. The campaign is short, no other campaigns need your help and this race is so critical, as the above made clear.

Working America: Personal Letter Writing Campaign in Georgia

Working America is doing another effective calling and letter-writing program (similar to the one they did for swing states in the general election). They make it super easy – you personalize and print your letters, then sign and address them by hand to ensure they get opened. The letters don’t talk about the election, just about health care issues to help get voters engaged. These voters will then be followed up by calls or canvassers from Working America.

They’ve identified folks at 956,000 households in Georgia who are ideal targets for our health care letters (or postcards). The pandemic is continuing to rage across the country and by sharing relatable personal experiences with this group of modeled targets, our research shows we can shape how these folks’ interpret new information and make decisions. For a quick refresher on the research on this tactic, check out this summary:

Working America Letter-Writing Research GA

Additionally, They’ll have opportunities for volunteers to phonebank in order to recruit new Working America members. We have a goal of recruiting 75,000 new members in Georgia in the next two months. Studies have repeatedly shown our members are 3-5 times more likely to be receptive to our communications than the general public. It’s critical we’re able to break through the noise to reach as many people as possible in the next couple of months.

The stakes couldn’t be higher for bringing people together for positive change. Join us for letter-writing, phonebanking, or both by signing up at and we’ll follow up via email when our programs launch tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 10.

BlockPower: Your Only Role in This is to Donate

BlockPower is a nonprofit focused on increasing voter turnout among Black citizens who don’t vote regularly. BlockPower pays people in majority-Black neighborhoods to be “Voting Ambassadors” and talk with their friends, family members, and neighbors about the importance of voting.

Join them as they sign up more Ambassadors every day across the country to ensure Black voices are heard loud and clear in the January runoff election and beyond. Watch their progress in real time. As of November 17:

  • 10,329 Voting Ambassadors
  • 34,439 Vote Triplers
  • 148,085 Voters

LEARN MORE About BlackPower

New Opportunities Added December 12

GA GOTV Opportunities Week of 12-14-2020 

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