Creating a Senate District Advocacy Team

You’ve reviewed our bills; you’ve read our strategy, and you want to get involved. This page lays out exactly how you can form your own Legislative Advocacy Team and/or participate in one.

What could be more rewarding than working with a team of friends and neighbors, building a relationship with your NM State Senator and advocating effectively for a host of bills that can transform NM and deliver desperately needed relief and support to our essential neighbors. Then, on March 20, with your work done, you can zoom together and toast having:

  • Protected a woman’s right to choose;
  • Passed the Health Security Act;
  • Created a State Public Bank;
  • Placed The Green Amendment on the ballot;
  • Eliminated Private Prisons in NM; and
  • Restructured our tax and revenue system by increasing taxes on the wealthy, eliminating wasteful corporate giveaways, while significantly increasing our revenue base.

That is a good deal to toast, so let’s get started forming your Legislative Advocacy Team.The focus of our advocacy is to build teams within each Senate District held by a Democrat. To find your Senate District, click here. All you need is your address and in one click you know your District number and see your State Senator smiling at you.

Our 2021 Legislative Strategy was published on November 18. It lays out the details of what we are trying to do. This page is designed to make it easier for you to participate in that strategy.

The first step is to organize a district team. We suggest that you start by selecting friends and/or family who:

  • Live in your Senate District;
  • Are strongly Democratic;
  • Are likely concerned about the social, climate, racial and economic justice; and
  • Likely have at least a little bit of time to devote to this work.

Make it clear to your friends and neighbors that their lift is an easy one. You do not have to be an expert on policy or legislation. Retake will provide scripts and bill summaries and legislators are not really going to want to debate bills with you; the goals is to make sure they understand that you support specific bills and why. You do not have to commit to all of these actions, but legislative advocacy could involve:

  • Participating in one or two Zoom conversations with your Senator before the session begins. Not everyone needs to speak about the bill(s) as we will want many folks to just be on the Zoom so that the Senator sees that there are several, perhaps dozens, of constituents who share support for the bills;
  • Recruiting friends, neighbors, fellow ward members, and others you know live in the District and asking them to be involved;
  • Sending emails and/or calling your Senator about specific bills, as they come up for a vote in committee or on the Senate floor, reminding the Senator of your prior communication;
  • Serving as a District Coordinator to maintain a district constituent list.

Using Doodle and Zoom to Create a Team of Friends to Be Active in Your State Senate District

Send the Doodle poll with possible times identified. If you’ve never used Doodle, click here for a step-by-step guide. It is free and very simple.

Once you get a good time, then you will send them a Zoom invite. If you’ve never done this, Retake has also set up a page with step-by-step guide to setting up a free account and creating your first meeting. Click here to review that guide.

That’s it. Please let us know how it goes. You can post a comment below to let us know how it is going. This will encourage others.

And thank you for your getting seriously into this legislative advocacy effort. So much at stake. So much.

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