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rod-logo-new-smallThe Person We Are Waiting For Is You

Please use the form below to let Retake Our Democracy know how you want to be involved. We want to organize by Precinct, Ward, City Council, State Senate and State House District boundaries so before signing up, please go to this link and get your precinct number, State Senate and House District. It will take 20 seconds. Then return to complete this form.

IMPORTANT: To receive the twice weekly blog you must click the blue “follow” button at the right and click to follow by email BEFORE COMPLETING THE SIGN UP SHEET.  Even if you think are signed up, please click this follow button. You won’t get a duplicate.

To ensure that your blog will not got to SPAM, please put in your address book or contact list. You should get a blog post almost every day. If you do not, check your “Social” “Promotions” or “Spam/Junk” folders.  If it is found there, please mark the email as not being SPAM,  It may take a bit to train your email server to allow Retake e-blogs into your in-box.   If you sign up and do not get the blog within a week, please email me at 

When completing the information below, please do NOT volunteer for everything that sounds interesting. Try to select one or two areas of activity that you feel you have skills or interests and where you might contribute 2-3 hours a week. We want volunteers who sustain their involvement over a very long haul. We are not going to Retake Our Democracy in a month or even in years. We need volunteers to focus on things they enjoy doing and will keep doing for quite awhile.  Thank you.