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For two years, Retake Our Democracy has been working with 20+ non-profit advocacy partners like Planned Parenthood, NM Voices for Children, ACLU, Sierra Club, and Common Cause to develop a system to make it easier for people to be effectively engaged in the NM legislative process, especially those living at a distance from Santa Fe and the Roundhouse. 

A growing number of volunteers (now over 100) have been meeting twice a month and working throughout the 2018 winter holidays. Together we have:

  • Developed a list of 2019 MUST PASS bills, bills that were introduced in 2017 or 2018 and never made it to the Governor’s desk; this list will grow as new bills are introduced to the 2019 session.
  • Created an Essentials of Effective Roundhouse Advocacy, a toolkit of guides, video, and tools to help people new to the Roundhouse learn the ropes and advocate effectively;
  • Developed a Legislative Research Team that reviews every bill, prioritizes them and creates summaries and speaking points for each bill;
  • Developed a website where you can sign up for the Response Network, provide your NM House and Senate District and your email, and receive Action Alerts the day before any of our MUST PASS bills are going to a committee where your representative is a member and will be voting on that bill. The alert will include a bill summary, speaking points and contact information for your legislator. In a few minutes, you will be able to call and email to voice your views on the bill s/he will be voting on.
  • We will have trained volunteer advocates in every hearing where our bills are being heard and voted on and, through the Action Alerts, we will report to you on who supported them and who did not.

To join the Statewide Rapid Response Network, click here.

For more information on our system and how it was developed, click here.

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