Chat for Dec. 1 Zoom with Speaker Egolf, Senator Wirth and Senator Stewart

There are some important nuggets here, but you have to comb through a lot of chatter. Read on!

Retake Our Democracy Zoominar: Senators Mimi Stewart and Peter Wirth, and Rep. Brian Egolf

Dec. 1, 2020

Transcript of Chat

18:33:31              From  Sarah Manning : Paul and Roxanne, So glad you are hosting this conversation.  Sarah From Alliance for Local Prosperity – New Mexico’s Public Bank Think Tank

18:33:57              From  Frances Gonzales   to   All panelists : Hello everyone from Grant County! Congratulations on your nomination Senator MiMi Stewart!

18:34:30              From  Claudia Risner   to   All panelists : Hi, this is such a welcome zoom event. I’m really looking forward to hearing what you have planned. Claudia

18:34:43              From  Sharla Parsons   to   All panelists : Thank you all so much for being here to brief us! This is very exciting.

18:34:47              From  Athena Christodoulou : Yes, thank you everyone: Athena from Adelante Progressive Caucus

18:34:54              From  rainy Upton : rainy upton wants to be an advocate

18:35:16              From  Johnnemann Nordhagen : Chat history can’t be seen if you joined later, I believe – can you post that information again?

18:35:20              From  Maya van Rossum   to   All panelists : Can you pls repost the links – if you got on a minute late *(which i did) the start of the chat does not come up so the links are lost. thx

18:35:21              From  William Orr   to   All panelists : Don’t see post that Roxanne mentioned

18:35:35              From  Saraswati Khalsa : Yes, I will make sure links get posted again.

18:35:54              From  rainy Upton : Navajo Nation needs gloves and masks. can call 4666522 True Value Hardware..truck will drive out there.

18:35:54              From  Lonnie Rowell : Thanks to Roxanne & Paul for your fine leadership in facilitating these critically important dialogues.

18:35:58              From  Cheryl Harris :  Roxanne, if you posted those links at the very beginning, people only get the chat created after they log on.  You may want to repost the links.

18:36:00              From  Paul Gibson & Roxanne Barber: 

Our website:

Retake Our Democracy 2021 Legislative Strategy:

Retake Our Democracy 2021 Bills:

Register for Advocacy Planning Meeting Zoom, Fri., Dec. 4, 3:30 – 4:30 p.m:

Write to us:

18:36:09              From  rainy Upton : Hey Harold!

18:36:33              From  Harold Pope Jr. : Hello Rainy!

18:37:04              From  Frances Gonzales   to   All panelists : Please become a member of the Adelante Progressive Caucus. Go to

18:37:08              From  Bill Bright   to   All panelists : Bill Bright, Chair Sustainable Gallup Board: we are presenting a resolution to city council in support of The Think NM predatory lending interest cap. Hope you will all support this bill.

18:37:19              From  Lynette Kessler   to   All panelists : The sound is a bit intermittent – is it happening for others?

18:37:31              From  Saraswati Khalsa   to   Estelle Berger and all panelists : Hi Estelle. I see your hand is raised. Do you need help with something?

18:37:41              From  Elene Gusch   to   All panelists : Actually in the current format we only can get gallery view (which is fine)

18:38:28              From  Estelle Berger   to   All panelists : Oops, must have hit the hand by mistake. Carry on as if nothing happened. 🙂

18:38:40              From  Saraswati Khalsa   to   Estelle Berger and all panelists : Thanks 🙂

18:39:10              From  rainy Upton : Many many years, indeed!

18:39:26              From  Saraswati Khalsa   to   Lizz Taylor and all panelists : Hi Lizz. I see your hand is raised. Can I help with anything?

18:40:29              From  Saraswati Khalsa : Shout out to Seia!

18:40:59              From  Linda Lopez : It is wonderful to have more women to join us in the NM State Senate!

18:41:30              From  rainy Upton : Hey, Linda Lopez! Glad you are here

18:41:41              From  Richard Mason   to   All panelists : Brenda McKenna long time League of Women Voters member

18:42:07              From  Cheryl Harris : yea ABQ West side!!

18:42:24              From  Cornelia Lange : Fearless Mimi, just fearless. Bravo!

18:42:36              From  Frances Gonzales   to   All panelists : Adelante Progressive Caucus meets Thursday, December 3rd, 6 pm. Go to website to get zoom address. Senator Jerry Ortiz y Limo is our speaker. Website:

18:42:44              From  Wendy Foxworth   to   All panelists : Congrats to Katy Duhigg for the hard work to take over Gould’s seat – District 10 is so happy!

18:42:55              From  Claudia Risner : A net gain of 1, but a larger true voting gain.

18:43:14              From  Tiffany Stevens   to   All panelists : “WE” the volunteers and the organizations who worked made that happen!

18:43:18              From  Harold Pope Jr. : Hi Senator Lopez and Hi Cheryl…yes Westside all the Way!

18:43:23              From  Siah Correa Hemphill   to   All panelists : Thanks so much for organizing these informative Zoom events! It’s an honor to be part of this movement and grateful for the efforts of so many who helped with all these important races.

18:44:45              From  Paul Gibson & Roxanne Barber   to   Siah Correa Hemphill and all panelists : Thanks, Siah. Glad you could join us!

18:44:45              From  Linda Lopez : Hi Senator-Elect Harold Pope! Westside is BluE!!

18:44:54              From  Sandra Stulberg   to   All panelists : folks on the floor need to wear their masks properly.

18:45:13              From  rainy Upton : Michael Padilla and Miguel Garcia are both there too.

18:47:29              From  Kelly Orndorff   to   All panelists : Perhaps this is a silver lining–those of us in rural areas can participate virtually.

18:48:04              From  Cornelia Lange : Opening up the committees to online participation is huge,

18:49:15              From  Paul Stokes   to   All panelists : When will committee assignments be made?

18:49:28              From  Claudia Risner : For me the fun stuff will be getting bills passed that are long overdue and so critical to transforming NM to where we need to be.

18:49:40              From  rainy Upton : If gov leaves, Howie moves UP/ how would the new lt. gov. be selected ?

18:49:52              From  Cheryl Hastings : Hello Siah

18:50:09              From  Saraswati Khalsa : Rainy, please be sure to ask your critical questions in the Q and A.

18:50:16              From  Saraswati Khalsa : Panelists won’t see your questions here.

18:50:21              From  rainy Upton : OK!

18:50:29              From  Siah Correa Hemphill : Hi Cheryl and everyone! I’m grateful for these informative zoom events.

18:50:44              From  Saraswati Khalsa   to   Paul Stokes and all panelists : Please ask that questions in Q and A so panelists will see it!

18:51:01              From  Harold Pope Jr. : Blue all the way Senator Lopez!

18:51:16              From  Lisa Christopherson   to   All panelists : hello to Claudia!! thank you for running!!! ✊🏾

18:51:35              From  Lisa Christopherson : hello to Claudia!! thank you for running!!! ✊🏾

18:51:52              From  Claudia Risner : Thanks Lisa 🙂

18:51:59              From  Rebecca Puck Stair : Thank you so much for all your efforts! Thrilling senate composition now.

Do you think this session will see passed:


A public bank?

A carbon-neutral goal for the state of New Mexico?

Community solar?

Broadband regulated more like a utility?

If the answer to any is “no,” what are the biggest obstacles and how can we help you best?

18:52:18              From  Linda Lopez : Hi Senator-Elect Siah Correa Hemphill!

18:52:25              From  Jay Levine : Hi Puck!

18:52:39              From  Harold Pope Jr. : Hello Jay and Puck!

18:52:42              From  Saraswati Khalsa   to   Rebecca Puck Stair and all panelists : Rebecca, please do ask your great questions in the q and a so the panelists will see them.

18:52:43              From  Siah Correa Hemphill : Hi Senator Lopez! So happy to “see” you here!

18:52:50              From  Tiffany Stevens   to   All panelists : This is a New Mexican thing, we need to stop thinking it’s only SF and Abq.

18:52:53              From  Charles Goodmacher : New Mexico is blessed to have such great leadership (including those in leadership not present on this call/event)!  Thanks for serving and thanks to activists for moving the legislature as a whole to the liberal/progressive side of the spectrum (as the voters want).

18:53:20              From  Sarah Manning : please ask questions in the Q & A  not chat – thanks!

18:53:34              From  Cheryl Harris : yes Charles!!

18:53:50              From  Siah Correa Hemphill : Thank you Charles, for all your hard work and help!

18:53:56              From  Jay Levine : Finance needs new blood!

18:54:12              From  Saraswati Khalsa : Hear Hear

18:54:17              From  rainy Upton : My question at the last zoom with some of these foks/ Who would head the finance committee.

18:54:33              From  rainy Upton : Finance needs a strong leader.

18:54:48              From  Greg Corning : @rainy Upton – got to ask in the Q&A app.

18:54:49              From  Morning Hegranes   to   All panelists : Hey Mr. Speaker — Gene says you’re looking good.

18:54:50              From  Rebecca Puck Stair : (Hi Jay!! Wonderful to “see” you. And Claudia, Nili, Saraswati, Sarah, Rainy, Charles, and Senators Lopez, Hemphill, Pope! What an amazing group tonight.)

18:55:01              From  Bruce Roach : Thanks to all candidates for joining this meeting. We appreciate your running.

18:55:03              From  Jade Gordon : in these challenging times, I’m grateful to her

18:55:04              From  Margaret Elliston   to   All panelists : Congratulations to our Legislative leaders.  So glad there is a happy caucus!  we look forward to working together to move NM forward!

18:55:17              From  Siah Correa Hemphill : Hi Rebecca!

18:55:17              From  rainy Upton : I did ask in Q and A…wanted some of you to be thinking about that crucial decision.

18:55:26              From  Claudia Risner : Hey Puck!

18:55:52              From  Saraswati Khalsa   to   Emily Antle and all panelists : Hi Emily. I see your hand up. Can I help you?

18:56:00              From  rainy Upton : Hey Rebecca!

18:56:26              From  Jay Levine : Let’s move some of those reserves to a NM State Bank!

18:56:44              From  Richard Mason   to   All panelists : Congrats to the Legislature & Governor for helping New Mexicans in these trying times

18:56:52              From  rainy Upton : Jay, GREAT idea

18:57:01              From  Lisa Christopherson : legalize cannabis already for new revenue!!

18:57:03              From  Daniel Marzec   to   All panelists : Yay Rep. Jim Trujillo!

18:57:08              From  Jade Gordon : It’s great to hear the enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, hopefulness from you all.

18:57:23              From  rainy Upton : Pay legislators/ reduce the power of lobbyists

18:57:31              From  Charles Goodmacher : YES!! Diversify Revenues and restore the cuts that did not help New Mexico!!!

18:57:46              From  Rebecca Puck Stair : Rainy, yes!

18:58:44              From  Athena Christodoulou : Film and space industry in Albuquerque already helping diversification.

18:58:46              From  rainy Upton : People who are unable to run due to financial limitations would perhaps be able to run/to win and to work with the House and Senate.

18:59:04              From  Claudia Risner : Agree Rainy, NM is the LAST state in the US to not pay legislators. There is a reason the other states pay their legislators.

18:59:11              From  Esther Kovari   to   All panelists : $2B rainy day fund needs to be used to open the NM Public Bank. No need to spend any permanent fund monies. Just loan it to ourselves at 2% to fund the NM New Deal and finally end poverty violence and addiction in the Land of Enchantment

18:59:23              From  Jay Levine : Agree Rainy! And younger people!

18:59:36              From  rainy Upton : Claudia, and we hope to no longer be 50th in yet another area…LOL

18:59:47              From  Esther Kovari : $2B rainy day fund needs to be used to open the NM Public Bank. No need to spend any permanent fund monies. Just loan it to ourselves at 2% to fund the NM New Deal and finally end poverty violence and addiction in the Land of Enchantment

19:00:20              From  Saraswati Khalsa : Well said Esther!

19:00:26              From  Rich Weiner : We should get back to the progressivity we had prior to 2003.  The 2003 tax cuts devastated our revenue stream and did not do anything for our economy.

19:00:27              From  Kathy Wooten : Yes, Esther!

19:00:43              From  Rebecca Puck Stair : Yes, Esther. Time for a “Turquoise New Deal.”

19:00:49              From  Charles Goodmacher : Rich – yes.

19:00:55              From  Terry Storch   to   All panelists : If anyone in the chat room has reference number to the 2017 tax bill Sen Wirth spoke of, can you please post? thanks

19:00:57              From  Karen Keeney   to   All panelists : Nice, Esther!!

19:01:16              From  Dave Wheelock   to   All panelists : More support here for the New Mexico Public Bank.

19:01:19              From  rainy Upton : Turquoise new deal/ unique and needed

19:01:46              From  Sarah Manning : Yes, Esther – don’t forget that increasing the amount of funding for local business thru a Public Bank will increase state, county and city revenues as businesses thrive.

19:02:21              From  Ralph Wrons   to   All panelists : The House Democrats defeated their own Community Solar Act in 2020 regular session, not even giving it a chance in the Senate, so we still have to keep track of the House

19:02:25              From  Cheryl Harris : It’s trickle down that coud really work. Helps local banks and credit unions too

19:02:31              From  Dave Wheelock   to   All panelists : Progressive tax reform will also bring revenue relief.

19:02:40              From  Cheryl Harris : could

19:03:48              From  Cornelia Lange : Britaney Barreras will be a breath of fresh air, I believe.

19:04:33              From  Charles Goodmacher : Legalize and lots of folks will be in the “happy caucus”

19:04:39              From  Cristy Holden : Yes, Kristina Ortez.  Great candidate and will be a remarkable House member.

19:04:54              From  Martin Hickey : Thank you all for your chat insights; helpful for a new legislator

19:04:56              From  Sharla Parsons : So exciting, indeed!!

19:05:43              From  Brian Colón : I always try to find myself in your presence 🙂

19:05:59              From  rainy Upton : Mimi, we used to do that in Eldorado / got hundreds! let’s talk!

19:06:14              From  rainy Upton : congrats to Linda Lopez!

19:06:48              From  rainy Upton : Hey, Brian Colon..glad you are here

19:06:49              From  Tiffany Stevens   to   All panelists : I’m one of you constituents and I have not received any invitation to your townhalls. Ward 19B

19:07:08              From  Maggie Werner Washburne   to   All panelists : Thank you to all the Legislators for working so hard for our state. It’s a big job and I’m grateful for your service for all of us.

19:07:45              From  Richard Mason : League of Women Votersis doing another advocacy workshop this Saturday, Check

19:08:01              From  Joy Garratt   to   All panelists : I personally would like to see more Democrats living in R districts talk to their R legislators.

19:08:02              From  David Thompson : I think Puck’s question (6:51pm) is quite apt. We want to (finally) see the legislature take some major steps forward, and that’ll take support for our legislators from the grassroots.

19:08:26              From  Carl Peterson   to   All panelists : Athena …what about your Senator? …maybe we should plan a meeting??

19:08:37              From  Brian Colón : So honored to serve with this leadership team.  The 112 will be more impactful than ever and yes Paul, “transformational” in their work and legislation! Bravo!

19:08:41              From  Saraswati Khalsa : Joy, yes, it’s important to reach out and make Democratic voices heard.

19:08:57              From  Linda Lopez : Thx Sen. Wirth for shout-out!  Thx Rainy!  The virtual meetings have actually allowed more people to participate from different parts of our state!  Bernalillo County Dem Party will also have a Zoom meeting this Saturday with westside legislators and our Ward/Precinct leaders!

19:09:02              From  rainy Upton : Early Childhood is crucial

19:10:46              From  Claudia Risner : To the point of constituents contacting their Rep/Sen….there are certain districts with elected officials who are not accessible to Dems. What’s an effective strategy for Dems who live in these districts to feel like they have a voice? What/who is their conduit to the Roundhouse?

19:11:01              From  Siah Correa Hemphill : I agree, Senator Lopez! The virtual meeting are particularly helpful to people in southwest rural New Mexico. It’s allowed so many more people to be more involved.

19:11:10              From  rainy Upton : Bill Soules said as chair of the Senate Ed. committee/ the single best investment for any legislature , town, city- / studies have shown this to be true…

19:11:57              From  Jay Levine : Health Security Act, financial analysis is complete. It looks great!

19:12:00              From  Sharon Argenbright : Roxanne & Pauls Thank you for promoting far reaching representation of all our peeps across the state and exposure of our legislators to all New Mexicans

19:12:11              From  Harold Pope Jr. : I ran on tapping into the Permanent Fund to fund Early Child Education and it needs to happen.

19:12:37              From  Martin Hickey : Agree with Harold!!

19:12:44              From  Saraswati Khalsa : Thank you Harold Pope! Lets make it happen.

19:12:49              From  rainy Upton : Having Mimi and Linda in leadership roles will help all of us to make Early Childhood a top priority

19:13:21              From  rainy Upton : Wow…add Harold’s name to the group with linda and Mimi

19:14:05              From  rainy Upton : Egolf has been strong in the Early Childhood area

19:14:19              From  Linda Lopez : With our new Senate colleagues, the Joint Resolution on Early Childhood will pass!

19:14:46              From  rainy Upton : I like the positive thoughts and feelings.

19:14:49              From  Cris Barnes   to   All panelists : The “rocket docket” worked well in 2017!

19:14:50              From  Johnnemann Nordhagen : The pandemic has shown how poorly this country has dealt with the health of its citizens… I hope that NM can pass the HSA to better provide on the state level. We need this!

19:15:59              From  Kathryn Ugoretz   to   All panelists : Health Security Act is crucial for New Mexicans! Creating healthy families will support better educational outcomes too

19:16:07              From  Athena Christodoulou :  Yes! We need to stop privatizing benefits and socializing costs.

19:16:13              From  Brian Colón : Excellent point on YES on 1 & 2, Mr. Speaker. It was a very heavy lift with tremendous support from a powerful exec branch.  We are ready to work!

19:16:25              From  Antoinette Sedillo Lopez   to   All panelists : Yes!

19:17:02              From  Linda Lopez : Yes to environmental remediation

19:17:16              From  Ester Griego   to   All panelists : Would like to hear Mimi’s thoughts about the Health Security Bill

19:17:31              From  Rebecca Puck Stair : Athena, well said. And what if we regard government not as “big” or “small” but as the primary *investor* in our community?

19:17:40              From  Athena Christodoulou : But mainly need to continue addressing Green House gas emmisions from fossil fuels. ETA got us only partway!

19:18:02              From  Claudia Risner : Agree Athena and Puck

19:19:29              From  Athena Christodoulou : Can it be dealt with by PRC?

19:19:42              From  Kathy Wooten : The ETA desperately needs to be cleaned up.  The loopholes are unconsionable

19:19:58              From  rainy Upton : I do not want to give up our right to vote / we got too used to that over the past 4 years..Joe Maestas is great..

19:20:16              From  Joyce Bogosian   to   All panelists : Simply take a gander at Retake Our Democracy’s list of 15 urgent, priority bills that iare important  and crucial for passage by our legislators.

19:21:00              From  Athena Christodoulou : Sounds like ETA amendment only addresses  $$, not RPS.

19:21:02              From  Saraswati Khalsa : Yes, but ETA contains a poison pill and foists all the costs of dirty fossil fuel cleanup onto ratepayers instead of the shareholders of PNM.

19:21:06              From  Carl Peterson   to   All panelists : Yes! Mr. Speaker

19:21:16              From  Saraswati Khalsa : That part can be changed without losing the RPS.

19:21:22              From  Ralph Wrons   to   All panelists : Sorry Senator Wirth, the 2019 ETA was not a compromise bill, to the best of my knowledge.  The bill was introduced, no amendments were accepted by the Sponsors,

19:22:22              From  Tiffany Stevens : Wahoo Community Solar!!

19:22:43              From  Cristy Holden : NM is actually around no. 16 nationwide in renewables.  Texas is getting all the huge projects for solar, wind and battery storage.

19:22:45              From  Claudia Risner : Local Choice Energy and Community Solar are two separate bills.

19:23:21              From  rainy Upton : Yes, Claudia/ agree  different bills

19:23:42              From  Mary Anne Reilly   to   All panelists : Yes to broadband-related initiatives.

19:24:09              From  Saraswati Khalsa : Local choice is about municipalities and cities being able to form their own utilities and buy power. Community solar is about groups being able to put up arrays and people can subscribe for their power.

19:24:22              From  Athena Christodoulou : Need to really start to use at other carbon sources and address them like automobiles

19:24:37              From  rainy Upton : I love that bill Paul

19:25:09              From  Athena Christodoulou : It would help with other environmental issues.

19:25:11              From  Sharla Parsons : Resolution supporting the Green Amendment is being voted upon by the SCC next week. Already passed by the State Platform Committee. 🙂

19:25:30              From  Jay Levine : New Mexico can and should be 100% (or close to it) renewable by 2030. That would be great for everyone’s electric bill, for our air and water. and would actually make human survival possible. While the RPS in the ETA is one of the highest in the nation. It is woefully inadequate. Let’s get going to New Mexico!

19:25:31              From  William Orr   to   All panelists : But that statement in the constitution has real loopholes.  Good to hear your support, Mimi

19:25:37              From  rainy Upton : Sharla, thanks for that information!!!!

19:25:52              From  Linda Lopez : The Green Amendment will help communities such as my community that has superfund sites

19:26:11              From  Rich Weiner : Sharla, when is the SCC meeting?  I haven’t gotten notice of it yet, and I’m on the SCC.

19:26:22              From  Ralph Wrons   to   All panelists : Sen Stewart: “We’re going to be messing with the Green Amendment language”  Hmmmm?

19:26:40              From  Jay Levine : SCC voting starts on Dec 7.

19:27:03              From  Jay Levine : There won’t be an SCC meeting, just voting.

19:27:46              From  Cristy Holden : Utility-scale solar and wind and battery is 100X more effective from a perspective of least cost and most rapid deployment to combat emissions and climate change.  These depend on transmission, and that is where focus is needed.  

19:28:12              From  Saraswati Khalsa : Thank you Cristy. We need something more than tinkering around the edges with the rules.

19:28:17              From  Maya van Rossum   to   All panelists : Art XX Section 21 actually does not recognize environmental rights, it talks about the values of a healthy environment and then says the legislators should pass environmental laws, but when government acts in a way that is damaging  to the environment the only option for the citizens is to elect new people to office.  That is different than protecting environmental rights as an inalienable fundamental right.

19:28:58              From  Athena Christodoulou : I would love to help with the climate omnibus bill…hint, hint

19:29:17              From  Bill Tiwald   to   All panelists : We need to have LANL produce a Site Wide Environmental Impact Statement

19:29:34              From  Brian Colón : Someone break it to him gently…we are in December now 🙂

19:29:53              From  Cheryl Harris : help GM go all electric LOL by passing credits for electric vehicle purchase. And what about Tesla being allowed to sell in our state?

19:30:04              From  Paul Gibson & Roxanne Barber   to   Brian Colón and all panelists : Ha-ha! I didn’t want to embarrass him!

19:30:24              From  Bill Tiwald   to   All panelists : We need to demand help with legacy waste before going ahead with the Los Alamos Plutonium Bomb Factory

19:30:45              From  Rebecca Puck Stair : Speaker Egolf, that bill sounds wonderful. Thank you.

19:30:59              From  Sharon Argenbright : Can you tell people what you believe are ETA sticking points, why is NEE so darn adamant about blocking ETA?

19:31:28              From  Bill Tiwald   to   All panelists : The Navajo Nation in NM has at least 1,000 uranium mines to deal with

19:31:57              From  Gary Sims   to   All panelists : incentifying electric car purchases is good but efforts to build the infrastructure both in public and private areas is first.  Build it and they will come

19:32:18              From  rainy Upton : Public Bank/ Springer Yrs ago, Mr. Egolf…remember?

19:32:22              From  Cheryl Harris : We aren’t greedy but we want all the good stuff passed.

19:32:29              From  Saraswati Khalsa : Sharon Argenbright, NEE does not want to block the ETA. NEE wants to get rid of the provisions in the ETA that were snuck in there by PNM to make ratepayers pay for all their dirty fossil fuel cleanup. Billions of dollars.

19:32:33              From  rainy Upton : N D has that bank

19:32:53              From  Saraswati Khalsa : They want ratepayers to pay for all their coal, gas and nuclear cleanup and decommissioning.

19:33:07              From  Saraswati Khalsa : Those parts can be amended without threatening the RPS.

19:33:19              From  Lonnie Rowell : Lots of discussion is good, but we need ACTION. Discussion should be focused and time-limited. Emphasis should be on a major, major push for action. No business as usual at this time!!!

19:33:26              From  Claudia Risner : Public bank is a state bank, not a retail community bank. A public bank backs/supports community banks and credit unions.

19:33:28              From  Rebecca Puck Stair : In NM, for one, our state bank could insure loans on tribal land. Lack of access to capital has severely handicapped development and business on tribal land.

19:33:31              From  Johnnemann Nordhagen : Let’s be sure to email Sen. Stewart information about why state banks are good and necessary!

19:33:31              From  Charles Goodmacher : It darn well should!!!

19:34:00              From  rainy Upton : Paid sick leave/ YES

19:34:04              From  Linda Lopez : Paid sick leave yes!

19:34:18              From  rainy Upton : Essential Workers/ that was 7 hours of hell

19:34:25              From  Linda Lopez : decriminalize abortion YES!

19:34:36              From  Gary Sims   to   All panelists : paid sick leave – yes.  but it needs to be reasonably set with future goals

19:34:39              From  rainy Upton : Paid sick leave

19:35:16              From  Esther Kovari : What does a “good” Paid Sick Leave bill look like?

19:35:16              From  LINDA Harris   to   All panelists : Eessential workers yes.

19:35:28              From  Lonnie Rowell : Do an ‘Omnibus Transformative Actions Bill.’ Time to be bold and think outside the box!!

19:35:38              From  rainy Upton : Educators in PA and most states have had it for forever

19:35:43              From  Linda Lopez : Anti Institutionalized Racism bill will pass!

19:35:58              From  Siah Correa Hemphill : We Freshmen are so excited too!

19:36:06              From  rainy Upton : 10 days sick leave/yr/ if not used they accumulate in following years.

19:36:07              From  Richard Barish   to   All panelists : This is a great conversation!  It is making me really excited for this session!

19:36:09              From  Ron Flax-Davidson   to   All panelists : I don’t agree with everything the panelists say and do, but it is very refreshing and hopeful to see such a mature, responsible, and engaged group. Thank you,

19:36:27              From  Estelle Berger : Yay Siah!

19:36:30              From  Charles Goodmacher : Yep – time for the anti-institutional racism Lopez bill to pass too.  Thanks again everyone!

19:36:30              From  Antoinette Sedillo Lopez   to   All panelists : And we are so excited about the Freshmen!

19:36:41              From  Sonya Berg   to   All panelists : Thank you so much for this forum.

19:36:43              From  Felice Garcia   to   All panelists : Thank you Senator Lopez for being fierce.

19:37:04              From  rainy Upton : Charles, are you in the list for Biden’s cabinet?

19:37:32              From  Sandra Stulberg   to   All panelists : there was a lot of behind the scenes work to align these stars

19:37:32              From  Wendy Foxworth   to   All panelists : Go for it – lets make the most of this opportunity

19:37:36              From  Sarah Manning : FDIC INSRUANCE

19:38:00              From  Janet Wallet-Ortiz   to   All panelists : Siah, so glad you were in on this!   You must be so excited that it seems the wind will be behind the dems to push the good bills forward!

19:38:08              From  Matthew Runnels   to   All panelists : thank you all for your service!!!!

19:38:26              From  LINDA Harris   to   All panelists : Great format.  Thank you all.  Linda Harris, Las Cruces

19:38:34              From  Cheryl Harris : We will be meeting with all you SEnators and maybe Reps too, in local SD/HD gwogaphic zooms soon!

19:38:50              From  Cheryl Harris : geographic

19:39:37              From  Gloria Lehmer   to   All panelists : I am feeling very hopeful after listening!. Here in San Juan County, my main concerns are clean air, water, land; healthcare, and police accountability.

19:40:12              From  Maya van Rossum   to   All panelists : The Green Amendment would provide powerful protection for water – addressing quality, quantity and access issues.

19:40:28              From  Joy Garratt   to   All panelists : Angelica Rubio is submitting a paid sick leave bill.

19:40:31              From  Marjorie Luckey   to   All panelists : why can’t  I see more than my and one other questions?

19:41:00              From  Greg Corning : Acequias set a good example for user-managed water.

19:41:23              From  Maggie Werner Washburne   to   All panelists : We don’t know how many questions there are, so don’t worry about what you cover.

19:41:28              From  Tiffany Stevens : Yes, we will Cherly! I look forward to meeting with my  representative, Senator Stewart.

19:41:36              From  Patty Kuning   to   All panelists : We put our question in the Q&A as requested at the beginning of the meeting.  Is anyone looking at it?

19:41:38              From  Saraswati Khalsa : Marjorie, only panelists can view the Q and A.

19:41:45              From  Saraswati Khalsa : There are 63 open questions so far!

19:41:54              From  Sarah Manning : only covers deposits from individuals – Public Bank is a Bankers Bank and will not accept deposits from individuals.  The bank will be backed by the State of New Mexico.

19:41:56              From  Patty Kuning   to   All panelists : Thanks

19:42:06              From  rainy Upton : Bezos coming big time/ ABQ in a year

19:42:09              From  Brian Colón : The Speaker has done a tremendous job with that dialogue relating to job creation and economic development.  Pre-COVID19, he was traveling the state with great success.  New approach and it was VERY impactful.

19:42:24              From  Brian Colón : “The first mile is free”  (Spaceport America)

19:42:46              From  Claudia Risner : Rural NM Moonshot!!! I want to learn more about this.

19:42:52              From  rainy Upton : Amazon coming to aBQ  800 jobs at least

19:43:17              From  Jay Levine : Protect our rural water. Don’t let SF & ABQ take our water.

19:43:24              From  Charles Goodmacher : Yes, Education! Thanks Madame President!

19:43:26              From  Rebecca Puck Stair : Also, rural NM could sell carbon credits and generate/sell solar and wind power to other states.

19:43:33              From  Cheryl Harris : tourism seems to have been short changed in recent years

19:43:54              From  Saraswati Khalsa : Yes, Rebecca! Great idea.

19:44:19              From  rainy Upton : thumbs up to Rebecca

19:44:42              From  Kelly Orndorff   to   All panelists : Thanks for that quote Brian Egolf. Love it.

19:44:50              From  Elene Gusch : What is RPS?

19:45:04              From  Saraswati Khalsa : RPS is Renewable Portfolio Standard

19:45:06              From  Jay Levine : RPS = renewable portfolio standard

19:45:07              From  Claudia Risner : Renewable Portfolio Standards

19:45:23              From  Jay Levine : It’s about a minimum amount of renewables that electric utilities are required to meet.

19:46:04              From  Athena Christodoulou : The Oil and gas industry poses a BIG Green house gas emission problem not addressed by RPS, but with carbon emission caps might get them to stop wasting it.

19:46:04              From  Saraswati Khalsa : We can’t eat money.

19:46:08              From  Jay Levine : End oil & gas extraction by 2025.

19:46:16              From  Johnnemann Nordhagen : Thank you Jay

19:46:30              From  George and Dee Gamble   to   All panelists : There could be new money if we had a public bank.

19:46:31              From  Ralph Wrons : Good points Speaker Egolf

19:46:36              From  Bill Tiwald   to   All panelists : Will the State Legislature demand a Site Wide Environmental Impact Statement for the Plutonium Bomb Factory in Los Alamos?

19:46:49              From  Jay Levine : Humans being born today won’t have a future unless we act! NOW!

19:46:50              From  Ron Flax-Davidson   to   All panelists : RPS=Renewable Portfolio Standard. In New Mexico requires utilities to generate 100% of their electricity from carbon free sources by 2045, with lower percentages in earlier years.

19:47:02              From  Elizabeth West : All this will work better when there is coordination with improving educational  opportunities — I’m so glad that Sen. Stewart included this component.

19:47:09              From  Bill Tiwald   to   All panelists : Will the State Legislature demand the Federal Government clean up the 1,000 plus abandoned uranium mines opened on the Navajo Reservation?

19:47:11              From  Sarah Manning : A paid legislature is critical!

19:47:17              From  Athena Christodoulou : Yep, we need to prevent the calamity that takes out humanity

19:47:24              From  Brian Colón : YES!!!!  Overdue.  Fair wages for New Mexicans and our legislators.  The PEOPLE have to say YES!

19:47:43              From  Bill Tiwald   to   All panelists : Will the State Legislature demand that NM not become ther repository of more nuclear waste from the other states and now from other countries?

19:47:47              From  Sharla Parsons : Yes!! 🙂 It will take a huge organized effort but we CAN do it!

19:47:49              From  Wendy Foxworth   to   All panelists : Aren’t we the last state to have a volunteer legislature?

19:48:05              From  Tiffany Stevens : Paid legislation needs to come from the people. I’m 100% supportive

19:48:06              From  Claudia Risner : NM is the ONLY state left with an unpaid legislature.

19:48:08              From  Marjorie Luckey   to   All panelists : Someone questioned “raising taxes”, but you may not realize that NM has one of the most regressive and unfair tax systems in the country ie poor people are paying a much higher proportion of their $ in taxes than the wealthy.  and the issue is repealing tax-cuts that were given to the wealthy and corporations- not new taxes. 

19:48:28              From  Kathleen Burke : Halt Holtec now

19:48:31              From  rainy Upton : Paid Legislators  = A+

19:48:35              From  Bill Tiwald   to   All panelists : You pronounced my name correctly, Paul

19:48:47              From  Michael Di Biase : Yes, affluence can’t be a prerequisite for legislature participation.

19:48:54              From  Bill Tiwald   to   All panelists : Thank you

19:48:57              From  Cheryl Harris : Which groups would fight an amendment for a paid legislature? Tea Party R’s? Others?

19:49:34              From  Bill Tiwald   to   All panelists : Rep Egolf, let’s not lay down on this

19:49:39              From  Athena Christodoulou : Letting other states “temporarily” deposit nuclear waste in our state will mean out of sight out of mind for them.  Then we need to talk to the FEDS!

19:49:42              From  David Thompson : could probably regulate transportation to the repository.

19:49:45              From  Jeffrey Silesky   to   All panelists : Our senator elect Brenda McKenna, district 9 was picked as caucus chair. What is this job description and what (if any) implications does this have for her constituents?

19:49:48              From  Cheryl Hastings : Pay Legislators!

19:49:49              From  Sean Knight   to   All panelists : Santa Fe got WIPP route built

19:49:55              From  Dave Wheelock : Tongue in cheek: if everyone else pays (some of) them, why not The People?

19:49:59              From  rainy Upton : As Claudia noted – NM is only state left with unpaid legislature ! Let’s change that

19:50:02              From  Ron Flax-Davidson   to   All panelists : The legislature should pass a bill making nuclear waste disposal in New Mexico illegal. Make the U.S. Supreme Court rule against us!

19:50:17              From  Brian Colón : As an FYI…The Office of the State Auditor reviewed process recently and the Speaker speaks the truth.  We were unable to find any true gaps in process.  (HOLTEC)

19:50:21              From  Kathleen Burke : Municipalities must stop transport of nuclear waste through their locales. New Mexico is not a Sacrifice Zone for the U.S.

19:50:36              From  rainy Upton : My question too/ Colon?

19:50:44              From  Kathy Wooten : maybe the elected representatives can’t stop it, but maybe the PEOPLE can.  Look at our Indigenous communities who never give up.  Years and years of constant, committed opposition.

19:51:26              From  rainy Upton : HOW?

19:51:56              From  Saraswati Khalsa   to   Shelley Cohen and all panelists : Hi Shelley. I see your hand up. Can I help you?

19:52:11              From  rainy Upton : HUGE

19:52:14              From  Saraswati Khalsa   to   kathleen omalley and all panelists : Hi Kathleen. I see your hand up. Can I help you?

19:52:16              From  Kelly Orndorff   to   All panelists : Yay — Roxanne Barber for Lt. Gov. 🙂

19:52:17              From  Wendy Foxworth   to   All panelists : Roxanne – you are far from retired!

19:53:04              From  rainy Upton : Who are Howie’s buddies?

19:53:25              From  Brian Colón : Dr. Morales is always ready to lead.  His legislative experience and expertise in education (Pres-elect Sen. Stewart) would serve NM well on the 4th Floor.

19:54:06              From  rainy Upton : Is MIMI a buddy of Howies? Brian

19:54:27              From  Wendy Foxworth   to   All panelists : Thank you – broadband YES!  Big for economic development also

19:54:54              From  Jay Levine : Washington state has a new department that’s working on broadband for rural areas. Have a look at what they are doing.

19:55:01              From  Johnnemann Nordhagen : What about a state-run broadband utility? Or at least preventing broadband monopolies in the state?


19:56:04              From  Claudia Risner : Good to hear this, that getting 21st century quality broadband to rural NM is a priority!  Thanks.

19:56:13              From  Rich Weiner : Brian Colon, what aspects of the Holtec process was your office looking into?

19:56:41              From  Brian Colón : My wife’s students (ABQ international district) are struggling with math….our students are suffering — this national story supports what Aleli is experiencing with her students:

19:57:04              From  Johnnemann Nordhagen : Speaker Egolf is also one of the top oil/gas recipients as well, and others. He takes a lot of cash from interested parties that he also regulates

19:57:17              From  Johnnemann Nordhagen : (I did not send the anonymous question)

19:57:50              From  Sean Knight   to   All panelists : the speaker is the most influential member, he will get many donations just because of that.

19:58:02              From  Linda Pafford   to   All panelists : The proof in Egolf’s pudding is in his voting history.

19:58:17              From  Saraswati Khalsa : Linda, proof is actually not in voting history.

19:58:31              From  Noah Tamas-Parris   to   All panelists : Will there be a recording made available afterwards?

19:58:32              From  Saraswati Khalsa : It’s mostly behind the scenes, in assignment of bills to committees, backroom dealing etc.

19:58:52              From  Elene Gusch : Hello to Brian Colon from the International District; likewise concerned about our kids here (and all the other kids too).

19:59:45              From  Brian Colón : Rich–OSA looked specifically into procurement issues/concerns reported to our office. (HOLTEC)

20:00:36              From  Pia Gallegos   to   All panelists : Wow, that new attitude about the pro tem is a tribute to Retake, WFP and Shimamoto. Thank you!

20:01:02              From  Estelle Berger   to   All panelists : Great conversation! Thank you, all. Looking forward to the 2021 Session. Go Happy Caucus!

20:01:08              From  Elene Gusch : Thank you so much, all, for doing this!

20:01:23              From  Brenda McKenna : H A P P Y  C A U C U S Member !

20:01:24              From  Maggie Werner Washburne   to   All panelists : This was great. Thank you.

20:01:35              From  Kelly Orndorff   to   All panelists : Thanks you everyone!

20:01:39              From  Ron Flax-Davidson   to   All panelists : Nevada has been able to stop nuclear waste disposal. I brought a lawsuit to the U.S. Supreme Court that led to the independent regulation of the nuclear power industry. We can stop nuclear waste if we oppose it.

20:01:40              From  Kathleen Burke : Thank you Retake!

20:01:41              From  Gary Sims   to   All panelists : thank you everyone

20:01:44              From  Lonnie Rowell : Thanks to panelists. Informative session. Do good work!!

20:01:45              From  Cheryl Harris : Happy Talk tonight! Thank you all!

20:01:46              From  Harold Pope Jr. : I am a Happy Caucus Member as well!

20:01:47              From  Athena Christodoulou : Thank you for your service and dedication.

20:01:48              From  Bianca Sopoci-Belknap : Thanks everyone!

20:01:51              From  Rebecca Puck Stair : Thank you so so much, President, Senator and Speaker! And Paul and Roxanne!

20:01:52              From  rainy Upton : thanks to each and to all of you This was terrific!

20:01:52              From  Rosella Gonzales : Great meet.  Thank you.

20:01:56              From  kathleen omalley   to   All panelists : Kathleen thanks so much for doing this. Great panel

20:01:56              From  Morning Hegranes   to   All panelists : Thank you for a very interesting and engaging discussion. Happy to hear about upcoming bills and your take on their chance of success!

20:01:57              From  Joyce Bogosian : Great forum. Thanks Paul & Roxanne!

20:01:58              From  LINDA Harris   to   All panelists : Thank you Roxanne and Paul.  Linda Harris, LC

20:01:58              From  Claudia Risner : This was excellent. Thanks Roxanne and Paul for organizing and to our exceptional legislative leaders.  Fun to be on this zoom

20:02:00              From  Cheryl Hastings : Good discussion! Thank you!

20:02:00              From  Wendy Foxworth   to   All panelists : Thank you Paul & Roxanne for all your hard work

20:02:00              From  Eric Griego : Thanks for a great discussion.

20:02:01              From  Johnnemann Nordhagen : Thanks Retake! I’m happy this happened

20:02:01              From  Brian Colón : This was terrific! Thank you Roxanne and Paul.  Thanks for the access and candor of our legislative leaders!

20:02:02              From  Dave Wheelock : See The Fine Print by David Cay Johnston for clues as to why broadband is so bad in rural areas!

20:02:02              From  Elizabeth West : Very, very impressive bunch — I feel really good about what I heard this evening. Many thanks for all your hard work! Eat your vitamins and have fun, too!

20:02:02              From  Paul Dirdak : Thanks everyone.  Excellent

20:02:04              From  Harold Pope Jr. : Thanks for doing this Paul and Roxanne!

20:02:09              From  Paul Gibson & Roxanne Barber : Thanks so much for joining us everyone!

20:02:09              From  WILLIAM HUDSON : Thank you

20:02:10              From  Felice Garcia   to   All panelists : Thank you all! excellent work!

20:02:12              From  rainy Upton : stay home

20:02:12              From  Sharla Parsons : Thank you all so much again and thank you friends for the fun chat!

20:02:16              From  Richard Barish   to   All panelists : Thanks you Paul and Roxanne – and Senators Wirth  and Stewart and Speaker Egoff.  A great meeting!

20:02:16              From  Marjorie Luckey   to   All panelists : Very exciting to hear all the energy and the support for good legislation! Thanks you!! 

20:02:18              From  Brian Colón : #MaskupNM

20:02:19              From  Carl Peterson   to   All panelists : Thanks Paul and Roxanne for hosting!…well done!

20:02:22              From  rainy Upton : stay home

20:02:23              From  Linda Bunton   to   All panelists : Thank you

20:02:25              From  Maya van Rossum   to   All panelists : Wonderful

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