TrumpCare: What it Is and How it Passed

First a Tax Plan Wealth Grab and now a Health Plan that will throw 24-27M Americans out of care, 54M by 2025. A Quinnipiac poll showed that only 17% of Americans supported the first TrumpCare, so they went and made it much, much worse and the House passed it without even seeing the Congressional Budget…

Eroding Commitment to Democracy & Emerging Fascism

This post describes a terrifying GOP legislative agenda and parallels between 2017 and Germany in the 30s. But it also describes a counterforce developing in tens of thousands of grassroots resistance groups across America. And we are going to lose some battles, but as the brilliant closing video speech illustrates, perhaps today’s darkness is a…

War Has Consequences: A Refugee Panel Speaks

Rarely do we see the implications of our Nation’s actions face to face. But on Sunday nine refugees told their stories to an overflow crowd in Santa Fe. Their testimonials were a devastating call to action. This post provides opportunities to act in addition to details on a Town Hall on expanding early childhood education in Santa Fe.

International Day of Inspiration

Originally published the day after the Women’s March. A march is not a movement, and while yesterday was exactly the inspiration we needed after Trump’s first day, our inspiration must translate into sustained action if marches are to have enduring meaning. This post includes things you can do this week at a national, state, and local level.