What’s After Coal for New Mexico?

A transition from coal is inevitable in NM and throughout the planet and without planning the Four Corners and other coal-dependent communities will become sacrifice zones. This post summarizes models for successful recovery and transition.  Also, in this post: Interfaith Panel tonight almost sold out & Susana skips town.  Again.

Why Retake Our Democracy-The Need, The Response

Originally posted soon after the election, we keep this post on the home page as it outlines how Retake Our Democracy has been formed and how its Action Teams will engage, educate, and activate our communities.

Immoral State Budget: An Assault on Women

Only days after Trump announced plans to gut the Violence Against Women Act, Gov. Martinez proposes to cut almost one-third of state funding for NM’s Rape Crisis Centers. This blog recommends actions on this and provides details on the obscene Rape Kit Backlog. In addition, an action alert for Friday as UNM hosts white supremacist…