No Is Not Enough: A National Progressive Agenda Developing & Seattle Is Showing How to Do It Locally

Between the LEAP Manifesto outlined in Naomi Klein’s No Is Not Enough and Progressive Democrats of America’s People’s Platform, a progressive platform around which we can rally is emerging to hold the Democrats accountable and to galvanize our nation. Seattle has passed a city income tax on incomes over $250K generating $175M a year. Details.

Developers May Not be the Cause of Gentrification. Maybe It Is the Rich

An interesting perspective on an overlooked factor in gentrification: zoning. Interesting article from Market Urbanism finds that gentrification is caused more by affluent communities with political clout maintaining tight zoning to prevent development in their neighborhoods, forcing development in less affluent communities and….and an interesting conversation with our Mayor.

Retake Kicks Off Support for Equity Summer

This post unveils our Equity Summer strategy, describes roles you can play and the degree to which Santa Fe is not quite the home of justice and equity you may think. Also, a curious report from the New Mexican. The same Congress that wants Trump to reveal his tax returns, won’t reveal theirs, including all…