Plastics in Appalachia: The New Coal…..Just What We Need, Another Coal, Plus a Bad Day at the Roundhouse

Last week I wrote about how we need to vastly reduce our use of one-use plastics in part due to our inability to recycle plastic and in part due to plastic’s reliance upon fracking. And then Roxanne sent me this Inside Climate News article on a series of massive plastics plants being planned along the…

Food Tax in NM Being Resurrected and WOW on Response to Call Senators About the Wall

Yesterday’s Action Alert demonstrated the critical importance of immediate, actionable information and of you sharing. Today, we return to the food tax, something Senator Wirth surprisingly described as not being “off the table.”  Retake considers a Food Tax off the table.  Also video of Ocasio-Cortez, Pelosi & Schumer responding to Trump. What a contrast.

Strategies for Building Wealth & Justice in Low-Income Communities

During the 50s and 60s the government invested billions in creating opportunities for middle class family home ownership. Racist policies excluded people of color from benefitting from this investment, quite intentionally. Today, progressive policy makers are finding ways to help those excluded populations generate wealth and some semblance of sustainable home security.

Predatory Lending Preys on Working Families, But Lobbyists Throttle Roundhouse Efforts to Cap Rates

Today we reprise a post done almost two years ago. It outlines the shameless practices of the predatory lending industry in NM and the heinous efforts of lobbyists and some legislators to do the lending industries bidding and throttle all efforts to regulate. The post updates the excellent work done by Meg Meltz in describing…

The Wizard Behind the Curtain Subverting Efforts to Address Climate Change and Economic Injustice

Reports on a number of Roundhouse events with Sen. Wirth and Speaker Egolf and a discussion of the need for a new economic system with links to 3 old Retake posts that are entirely germane and an abstract from a Utah prof who describes succinctly why we can’t address climate change within capitalism. Well worth…