Sandoval County Listens to Community & Reverses Fracking Decision. Santa Fe Continues to Drag Feet on RCV

A mixed report today with unexpected good news from Sandoval County and reports that Santa Fe is seriously undermining the Court Order & the Council 9-0 directive to proceed with RCV. We excerpt passages from a scathing New Mexican Op-Ed on City mishandling of RCV. We also include frightening video from Democracy Now discussing the…

City Council Questions Mayor’s PNM Partnership: Call the Mayor to Stop This Now

Thanks to well-informed community input, the Public Works Committee developed grave reservations with the PNM plan and clearly would like the Mayor to pull the resolution from this Wednesday’s agenda. Let’s make sure he does. Community input is working. Details on a very interesting meeting.

The Truth Behind PNM’s Santa Fe Solarization Proposal. Call the City NOW.

You’d think we’d all be happy that PNM is interested in developing solar in Santa Fe. But as New Energy Economy points out, the proposal is not what it appears and the City has far better options. Details in this post. Time to contact our Councilors and Mayor.

We Win! City Reverses Course & Will Defend Disclosure. But Also Seeks New Partnership with PNM

Your calls and emails have been heard. The City has pulled Council Bill No. 17-27 which would have had the City revise its Disclosure Bill and buckle to the threat of a lawsuit from the Libertarian Rio Grande Foundation. Nice to win one. This blog also celebrates the immanent closing of San Juan and examines a…

Gratitude in Action: With an Unfathomable International Scene, Go Local to Create Change

One measure of a society, indeed of a world, is how well it can work together to solve problems, address challenges, take advantage of sustainable opportunities. Right now, we get an F for this and have for some time. Retake recommends going local to create change and find hope.

PED Secretary Reverses Course on Science Standards: Call to Action Still Needed

On Monday, the Secretary of Education and the PED Commissioners skipped testimony from a few hundred outraged teachers, scientists, parents and others. But Secty, Ruszkowski apparently got wind of the input as late yesterday, PED announced it will reconsider its proposed changes to the Next Generation Science Standards. But this battle is not over.

Puerto Rico: A History of Colonization, Economic Servitude, and Now Humiliation

Puerto Rico: textbook convergence of Globalism, Colonialism, Capitalism, and Racism. This post explores that converge and discusses strategies to counter US policies at a local and state level through localism, sustainability, permaculture, and collective activism. You can learn more about these strategies at the extraordinary Economics of Happiness Conference in Santa Fe, Oct 12-14. Details…