Thoughts on Conversation with Egolf and Wirth and Update on LANL and Roundhouse Planning

Chromium plume, fracking and contaminated water, doubling of the number of fracking operations in San Juan and Rio Arriba and opportunities to voice opposition to all of these actions from home and on Friday in Santa Fe. Plus a preview of the Retake interview with Senator Wirth and Speaker Egolf on what is possible in…

Why Retake Our Democracy-The Need, The Response

Originally posted soon after the election, we keep this post on the home page as it outlines how Retake Our Democracy has been formed and how its Action Teams will engage, educate, and activate our communities.

International Day of Inspiration

Originally published the day after the Women’s March. A march is not a movement, and while yesterday was exactly the inspiration we needed after Trump’s first day, our inspiration must translate into sustained action if marches are to have enduring meaning. This post includes things you can do this week at a national, state, and local level.

Congress Threatens to Roll Back Methane Emissions on Public Land: Cough

If Congress has its way, BLM restrictions on methane emissions will be obliterated and that 4-Corners circled methane plume will blossom. Details on: the mosque solidarity event; citizen activism at the Roundhouse 10 today to lobby for legalized marijuana and backgrounds checks on gun sales & Monday 8:30 to lobby for the Health Security Act & attend Immigration…

Sen. Martin Heinrich: Progressive Senator or Shill for Pharma? You Decide.

Sometimes it’s black and white and sometimes it really isn’t. Increasingly in online journalism, there are no subtleties, just politicians who deserve sainthood and those who deserve to be pilloried in the public square. Until the day that we activists are perfect, perhaps black and white distinctions miss some critical nuances.Today’s blog highlights a case in…