Eroding Commitment to Democracy & Emerging Fascism

This post describes a terrifying GOP legislative agenda and parallels between 2017 and Germany in the 30s. But it also describes a counterforce developing in tens of thousands of grassroots resistance groups across America. And we are going to lose some battles, but as the brilliant closing video speech illustrates, perhaps today’s darkness is a…

A Very Strange & Troubling Time

This was originally posted the morning after the election. It has been read more than any post ever. Two airborne visitors, an owl and a hawk, arrived; the owl the day before the election and the hawk this morning. Both stared right at me. I think they were telling me what is next.

Why Retake Our Democracy-The Need, The Response

Originally posted soon after the election, we keep this post on the home page as it outlines how Retake Our Democracy has been formed and how its Action Teams will engage, educate, and activate our communities.