A Week in Review and the Week to Come

An eventful week in Santa Fe, in NM, and in the world. This blog provides links to the week’s major events as reported by Retake, as well as a listing of events coming. So if you missed anything this week, here is what you missed and here is what is coming.

Gratitude in Action: With an Unfathomable International Scene, Go Local to Create Change

One measure of a society, indeed of a world, is how well it can work together to solve problems, address challenges, take advantage of sustainable opportunities. Right now, we get an F for this and have for some time. Retake recommends going local to create change and find hope.

Readiness is All: A Call to Prepare for Disobedience

Rev.Barber is planning a New Poor People’s Campaign and some of the leaders of the original Campaign will provide non-violence training in Santa Fe on Oct 27-28. Trump protects white supremacists while attacking mostly black football players when they peacefully protest. He encourages violence and plants seeds that some press freedoms may be irresponsible. The…

What Life In America Has Become and A Path Forward

Today we examine the shameless reality that we have come to accept as Life in America. Moreover, we examine our Congressional Representatives’ records in (not) supporting legislation that might address this reality. We include an update on Puerto Rico, a plan to solarize the Santa Fe airport and end with a bit of humor from…