Carl Trujillo’s Complete Unedited Response to Sexual Harassment Charges

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From: Carl Trujillo’s Campaign for Change
Date: May 2, 2018

I thought there was a limit to how low my opponents could go. I was wrong. To hijack and exploit the #MeToo movement for their own political gain, to undermine the cause of animal welfare and the innocent animals who depend on us… it doesn’t get lower than that.

These charges are lies. They do nothing but motivate our Campaign for Change to fight harder to represent the true voice of the people. They depend on facts to back them up, and already, even as we write this, my accuser has lied on record about something that is easily verifiable. I suspect there will be more of that and we will call out each and every lie as it comes.

These charges are lies of the worst sort, because we live in an age where anybody can say anything without proof and be believed.

So I ask you simply, who is more credible? The person who, as an employee of LANL, routinely passes one of the strictest background checks in the world and has an unblemished record of ethical behavior and personal conduct (as of yesterday, the Secretary of State dismissed completely the “complaint” against our campaign, so don’t even go there), and who has spent the past eight years standing up for the people of my district against the corrupt establishment? Or the candidate who is already under investigation for ethics violations, who has done nothing in her time in the public eye but lie and distort, and who is backed by that same establishment money and power?

I call on the people of our district to use the same reasoning skills that you demand the Republicans use with regard to their own party. To follow the money. To look at the conduct of my opponent, who has already shown us her habit of lying when desperate and cornered, and those who back her, who are desperate to remove the last remaining obstacle to their greed.

I call on those of you in the Santa Fe political establishment — who know that these charges are false and politically motivated and perhaps even participated in perpetrating this atrocity — to speak up. All that is required for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. Now is the time to look in the mirror and decide whether or not you can live with yourselves for the choice you’re making to stay silent. Life is long and conscience weighs heavily over the years. Mine is clean. Is yours?

And I call on Animal Protection Voters in particular to stop participating in this lie, and not to sacrifice the larger mission of protecting the most vulnerable and voiceless to dangerous political games. 70,000 animals die every year in New Mexico shelters — they depend on us to put their lives before politics.


Rep. Carl Trujillo & the Campaign for Change

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