Campaign for Melanie Stansbury

There are several volunteer opportunities available for the upcoming June 1st election to help Melanie win Deb’s CD-1 seat. Some involve canvassing (YAY, we can canvass) and others can be done on the phone from home.


FOR MELANIE – canvassing, virtual phone and text banking, and postcard writing are open.  If you need a yard sign for Melanie, please text me (919-5756-4042).

If you are interested in canvassing for Melanie, please contact: 

Saturday and Sunday will be our next canvassing days!  The list of locations is below, so make sure to head to the closest one to you at 9 AM or 12 PM Saturday, or 12 PM or 3 PM Sunday.  They’re organized by your local organizer and State House district, and you can find yours here.


Region 1: Wards 22s, Torrance, Santa FeLocation: East Mountains Democrats Office, 12220 N State Highway 14, Cedar Crest, NM 87008Sign up: Contact: Tiffany  
Region 2: Wards 27s, 28s, and 31sLocation: Heritage Hills Park, Ventura St. just North of San Antonio Dr.Sign up: Contact: Brooke Barrera Sheldon and Jesse 
Region 3: Wards 10s, 12s, 13s, 26s, 14s, and Valencia County Location: Westside Community Center, Isleta Boulevard Southwest, Albuquerque, NM Contact: Marcela 
Region 4: Wards 23s, 29s & 68s  Location: Contact: Marsella  
Region 5: Wards 11s, 15s, & 16sLocation: Rudolfo Anaya North Valley Public Library, 7704 2nd St NW B, Albuquerque, NM 87107Sign up: Contact: Shelby 
Region 7: Wards 17s, 25s & 30sLocation: Hoffman Park, 2480 Mesa Linda Dr NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112Sign up: John
Region 8: Wards 18sLocation: Ridgecrest Park, 809 Laurel Cir SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108Sign up: Dylan Region 9: Wards 19sLocation: Hyder Park, 700 RICHMOND Dr SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106Sign up: Contact: Muhammad A.  Region 10: 20s, 21s, & 24sContact: Kat OTHER STAFF: Sean WardField  Liam PaulVolunteer  Kianna HolianCochiti & Jemez PueblosTribal Outreach OrganizerDemocratic Party of New  Devont’e WatsonAA Coordinator at Melanie Stansbury for   Muhammad A. HussainAAPI Outreach Coordinator at Melanie Stansbury for

NOTE: Bruce Roach, a Retake supporter and Indivisible member has been canvassing for Melanie in his neighborhood, and reports that she has a high level of name recognition and a great reputation, people are glad to hear about her.

If you are more interested in supporting Melaine by Virtual Phone Banking or Texting, please contact:

Kat CookField Organizer at Melanie Stansbury for Congress
kat@nmdemocrats.orgClick here to get involved


Another major campaign GOTV effort for Melanie:


Let’s Do It!

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