Call to Action for Navajo Nation

It appears that most Americans will be getting $600 Covid checks soon. For many, this will bring desperately needed, albeit insufficient relief. For others, their life’s good fortune and the zip code in which they were born makes it possible to share their good fortune and their relief check. I received this notice from Ralph Wrons, one of our advocates. Mario Atencio launched this GoFundMe campaign for Far Eastern Navajo chapters. Mario is one of the three Navajo leaders who took about two dozen Retake folks on a tour of the Greater Chaco Area, which is part of Far Eastern Navajo Nation. We’ve written many times about the degree to which Covid has ravaged this under-resourced region. Last time we appealed for funds, you responded with great generosity. The note below comes from the GoFundMe page. A link to donate appears at the bottom of this message.

In coordination with the Far Eastern Navajo chapters the Torreon Community Alliance request your support to help these communities respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Because of distance from sophisticated medical facilities, governmental centers and food markets,  The Far Eastern Navajo communities are susceptible to significant socioeconomic-medical impacts caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The funds would purchase critical sanitation supplies/ food supplies for the most needy of the communities. This project is meant to immediately  supplement and support the local Navajo Governmental Chapters response and mitigation of the COVID-19 pandemic. All federal, state and tribal laws will be complied with in order to keep all volunteers safe. TCA recognizes and respects the multi-jurisdiction issues in the Far Eastern Checkerboard Navajo communities and will aspire to work in harmony with as many partners, tribal and non-tribal, as the funding and safety issues allow.

The Far East Navajo Communities consist of, but are not limited to, Counselors, Ojo Encino, Torreon/Starlake, Pueblo Pintado, Whitehorse Lake, Casamero Lake  and Littlewater. Due to the size and time constraints of the impact COVID-19 is having, the far eastern Navajo communities felt the need to mobilize as many resources to shorten logistic chains of support.

If you are not comfortable sending money through Paypal you can also send a check: payable to: “Torreon Community Alliance” PO Box 1054 Cuba, NM 87013. Ahxé’hee ntsáago (many thanks) for donating to help our communities. Mario Atencio Exec. Director Torreon Community Alliance disclaimer:  This effort is a program within the Torreon Community Alliance and not the Navajo Nation government.  Torreon Community Alliance is directed by an All-Navajo board from the Torreon (Na’neelzhiin) community and its executive director is Navajo from Torreon (Na’neelzhiin, NM).  Please visit our Facebook site for more information at:

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