Better World Shopping Recommends to Boycott Albertsons! Retake the Coop!

In a recent blog, Retake posted information on A Better World Shopping Guide, a $10 book that fits in your pocket and ranks 71 different shopping options according to each company’s policies in relation to social and climate justice. For background info on how to use this guide and how it was developed, click Guide.  For information on selecting the most socially and environmentally progressive banking service, click Bank.  Retake highly recommends purchasing your own copy of A Better World Shopping Guide and taking it with you when you shop as it provides rankings on paper goods, canned foods, beers, wines and dozens of products you routinely purchase. You can get a copy at Santa Fe Hemp, on East Water or at A Better WorldBut this week, we examine where you purchase those items because that matters.

groceryThis week we examine a shopping choice most of us encounter at least 1-2 times a week:  buying groceries. Not surprisingly, A Better World recommends patronizing your local coop, and as we have reported La Montanita is in the midst of an insurrection with a slate of seven grassroots progressives running in a board recall election that will occur between Nov 1-14.  For more information on the reasons for the recall election and why it is critical you get involved, click TakeBackTheCoop. Since the best purchasing options for groceries is your local coop it is critical that all members become informed and vote to restore La Montanita to the strong local coop it had once been.

Not everyone is a coop member and for those who are not, A Better World ranks Albertson’s, Wallmart,Wallgreen’s and Costco all as earning an F ranking while the Coop receives and A+, Whole Foods an A-, and Trader Joe’s a B.


If you have a choice, changing where you shop is an incredibly powerful action that will support people and the planet above profit.

GREEN HERO:  Whole Foods

  • BE’s “Best Corporations” list for 3 years
  • HQ Powered by 100% renewable energy
  • Business Ethics Award winner
  • Established animal & poverty foundation
  • Created animal compassion standards
  • Leader in sourcing sustainable seafood



  • MM’s “Worst Corporation” list for 3 years
  • Major toxic waste dumping fines
  • #3 worst company on the planet
  • CEP “F” for overall social responsibility
  • Documented exploitation of child labor
  • Paid $59 million to Washington lobbyists


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