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Banks and credit cards are the first and best place to begin voting with your wallet as except for those who rely upon predatory pay day lenders, we use credit and debit cards and park our money in banks. And they use those funds. Those institutions ranked B or better below, tend to care more about our planet and our people than their profits. Those at the bottom of the list are among those who should be boycotted. As with each ranking we produce, we recommend that you boycott any institution with a D ranking or lower and that you try to use those with A or B rankings.  If a someone offers to volunteer working on this, we will begin to provide more information on the highly ranked options and contact information for the D and F ranked corporations so you can write to tell them you are boycotting them.  So if you want to help with this, please respond to this email.

While I didn’t research all the A+ and A recommendations, I did contact New Resource Bank located in San Francisco to see if they served customers across the country. Unfortunately for now they do not, but they linked me to the Global Alliance for Banking on Values which is a national organization of banks who prioritize the planet and people over profits. It is worth a look. Below are the rankings for banks and credit cards.

A+– New Resource Bank, Vancity, OnePacificCoast, Sunrise Banks

A — Alternatives FCU, GreenChoice, City, First, Albina, First Green Bank

A– Working Assets CC, Green America CC, Brighter Planet CC

B+– No recommendation

B LOCAL CREDIT UNIONS (An easy change to make)

B – American Express, TD Bank, ING, Deutsche Bank

C + Northern Trust

C Mastercard, Sovereign, Santander, HSBC, Capital One

C – VISA, US Bank

D+ Credit Suisse, Fifth Third, KeyBank, RBS, Comerica, Chase, Citizens

D Wells Fargo, SunTrust, Discover, UBS, Barclay’s

D – Goldman Sachs

F ” Citibank, Bank Of America

I hope you found this useful. Time to pull your funds from BoA, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Barclays and of course Goldman Sachs.

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