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Paul Gibson and his wife, Roxanne Barber came to Santa Fe in 2012. Since arriving in Santa Fe they have been involved in the development of the Academy of Sustainability Education at Santa Fe High, as volunteers with Master Gardeners, New Energy Economy, and other local efforts. Most recently they coordinated the SantaFe4Bernie campaign, an effort that took advice from Bernie and focused locally, morphing into Retake the Roundhouse. Retake the Roundhouse worked with other advocacy groups around the state to support nine important races, winning seven of them and contributing to NM being the only state legislature in the country that turned blue in the last election. They now are exiting from partisan election processes and have created Retake Our Democracy, a 501-c-4 non-profit organization that tried to make daily activism easier by providing a wide range of resources, information and tools that empower and activate supporters.