An Easy Choice Tim Crone for District 10 Public Education Commission

Here is an easy one for you. There is no candidate listed for Public Education Commission District 10 and so unless you want Gov. Martinez to fill this spot you will need to write in a candidate. Fortunately Tim Crone is running a write in campaign. He needs over 900 votes to win and keep Gov. Martinez from appointing someone to this position.   The Public Education Commission has a number of duties the principle of which is regulating charter schools.

District 10 overs most of Santa Fe. If you see the position for the Public Education Commission and no candidate, please consider writing in Tim Crone. The specific Santa Fe precincts are 1 through 10, 13, 14, 20 through 62, 64 through 71, 74 through 79, 81, 86, 87, and 88.

Tim Crone instructed Sociology and Anthropology classes since 1970, in New Mexico colleges and universities since the Fall semester 1973.He started at UNM Northern Branch which became NNMCC, then NNMC. He earned tenure there in 1985, and retired from full time teaching as an Associate Professor at the end of the Spring semester 2014. Since then he has been and will be teaching courses as an Adjunct Professor at SFCC, IAIA and NNMC.

He is the AFT-NM representative on the NM Public School Insurance Authority Board, am the Higher Education, and currently serves as Vice-President for AFT-NM and as a member of the AFT Higher Education Program and Policy Council.

Tim is interested in being elected to the Public Education Commission to insure that charter schools fulfill their charter mission and insure a quality education for charter school students in New Mexico.