Actions include a wide range of one-time and ongoing activities, petitions, product boycotts and other actions that individuals and local groups can implement to advance the larger goal of creating a more progressive New Mexico. Below are links to some of the actions you’ll find by hovering over the Actions menu above and scrolling to find an action that interests you.


Personal Action Toolkit. Click here for your very own Personal Action Toolkit, a guide for being active every single day with information and links to a wide variety of resources and personal action opportunities.


3rd-reconReverend Barber’s Third Reconstruction 14 Point Fusion Political Movement Strategies.  Click here to review this one-page summary will provide you with the gist of Barber’s approach to community organizing.



cropped-roundhouse-photo2.jpgGuide to Effective LobbyingClick here to review a complete guide to how to lobby effectively in the NM State legislature. Find information on how a bill goes through the Roundhouse, how our tax and revenue system works, effective strategies for lobbying, and much more.

early-childhood-edSanta Fe’s Early Childhood Education Expansion Effort.  The City of Santa Fe has launched an effort to use a tax on soda to make free quality early childhood education available to 1000 Santa Fe children. Click here for information on the initiative and how you can become involved.


activist-slogan-1January Action Team Mtg. ScheduleClick here for a complete list of January Action Team meetings where you can work with others to develop strategies to build our base and raise our voices.




immigrantsSupport Our Immigrants. Lobby the City Council to Expand Our Sanctuary program. Click here to find out more about Somos Un Pueblo Unido’s expanded Sanctuary City resolution, a resolution that will be heading to committee the week of Jan 15 and for a vote of the Council on Jan 25. You will also find a link with contact information for your City Council and we encourage you to make your views known.


vote-aqui Santa Fe County Democratic Party Ward Election Schedule & Guide.  Click here to get the schedule of meetings and suggestions as to how you can reinvigorate the Democratic Party starting at the County and State levels.  Elections are Feb 15-20.