ABQ Mayoral Candidate Announces Plan for ABQ to be 100% Renewable

In many recent posts, I have bemoaned the lack of inspiring leadership in the Democratic Party. This is what bold, inspiring, progressive leadership looks like. Tim Keller. Below I include in its entirety, Keller’s plan for making ABQ a national leader in renewable energy. Click here to find out  more about Tim’s priorities and to find out how you can canvass or phone bank from home to support Tim’s campaign. And we will host a Get Out The Vote phone banking party for Tim on Oct 9, the day before the election. We will keep you posted.

Powering Albuquerque with Clean Energy. Let’s face it:  lately, our city has been struggling.  Like you, I’ve been frustrated by the lack of bold ideas and political will to seize the opportunities that are right in front of us. With our abundant sunshine and wind, Albuquerque shouldn’t just be powering ourselves with clean energy, we should be an industry leader for the nation and the world.  Our city should be an innovation center for emerging technologies that can help tackle climate change while providing a blueprint for communities everywhere to earn big returns on their clean energy investments. As Mayor, I will build Albuquerque into a magnet for solar and wind industry investments.  I will produce savings on our utility bills and earnings on local energy generation.  And I will help create the kind of career-track jobs that will allow our children to stay here and raise their own families. Here’s how:

Power Ourselves.  By creating our own Albuquerque power company, we will offer you more affordable energy rates, better service, and accountability at the ballot box.  In recent years, our local energy rates through PNM have skyrocketed—increasing at least 15 times more than municipal utilities like Los Alamos and Farmington.  As Mayor, I will put power where it belongs—in the hands of the public.

Power the Southwest.  By putting empty rooftops to work, and using available incentives and financing packages, we can fulfill 100% of our local energy needs, while generating extra energy we can sell throughout the region.  The money we earn can then be used to help finance energy efficiency investments by you and your neighbors—further reducing energy demands and boosting both savings and earnings. As Mayor, I will put local power to work for you.

Power the Clean Energy Industry. By providing incentives for solar, wind and other clean energy companies to build or bring a company here, we can grow a magnet industry that’s the envy of the world.  Albuquerque will be a hotbed for developing and refining technologies that will make Made-in-New Mexico solar and wind products competitive globally. As Mayor, I will put Albuquerque’s power industry on the map.

 Power Job Creation. By investing in ourselves and fostering a thriving clean energy industry, we can ensure that talented Burqueños don’t leave Albuquerque for better fortunes in Denver, Austin, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix. This includes efforts to stop the wanton waste of our natural resources due to methane leaks, venting and flaring from oil and gas development in New Mexico. Capturing methane will increase funding for our schools and help create more jobs in Albuquerque’s methane mitigation sector – the companies that develop, manufacture, and deploy technologies to capture waste and pollution from oil and gas development.  As Mayor, I will power career opportunities for you and your children.

That bright, shining city on a hill?  With hard work and our secret sauce of New Mexican ingenuity and stick-to-itiveness, that’s Albuquerque’s future…  one of which we can all be proud.  As Mayor, I am committed to powering a brighter future for Albuquerque.