A Guide to Reframing Climate Change to Reach Conservatives

solar profit.jpgClimate change deniers shut off their ears at the first mention of climate change. You might as well just say “scientists have proven that climate change is man made by blah blah blah” as continue citing facts and research. Deniers don’t hear anything you want to say. But I’m A Tea Party Conservative But Here is How to Win Over Republicans on Renewable Energy, is a remarkable short article that includes an even more remarkable embedded video produced by Debbie Dooley, a Tea Party environmentalist. And no, I did not make that up, a Tea Party environmentalist and it is worth our while to listen to her.

This is critical information for all renewable energy activists who need to move beyond preaching to the choir and find a way to engage the support of Republicans. And if saving the planet won’t do it, maybe it is possible to convince them of the economic logic of investing in renewables. It worked in Kentucky. Click here for an article about how Kentucky is now investing heavily in creating solar farms.  And click here for this invaluable article and video on reframing climate change to reach Republicans. The language Dooley uses in the video is language we need to begin to use in our daily efforts to convince Republicans that investing in renewable energy makes economic sense.  If they can make money on it, they may just be willing to help us save the planet.


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