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Retake used the Thanksgiving break to catch up in our readying for the 2023 session after taking 8 days off to visit the kids. We use today’s post to catch you up on what is coming, what we’ve written since our vacation and what you can do.

Our Time Away

I’ve never really gotten completely away from Retake, even on vacations or when sick, I’m always working on a post, checking email, reviewing research, or just mulling next steps. This trip, we both totally unplugged and indulged in tons of fiction reading and hanging with the kids & grand kids. Below are the boys: from left, son Jesse, grandson Torrey, son Josh and the new addition, Ben. There was a whole lot of this on the trip, just hanging out, playing on the floor and watching innocence unfold.

Roxanne, as usual, was more often found on the floor with one or both boys.

But the minute we entered their house, I went straight to Ben, the newest of our tribe. I don’t think he’d ever seen glasses up close.

But all vacations come to an end and upon return, Roxanne paid or our trip; with qan 8-day cold and three negative COVID tests. But cold or no, we have used the ten days since our return to meet with allies about bills, prepare a series of blogs, below, and prep for the 2023 legislative session.

Since it is our experience that about half Retake peeps unplug over Thanksgiving, we offer links to our last three blog posts, which if read in order, top to bottom, provide an unintentional variation on a theme focused on what is wrong with America and with ruminations on how we could fix it. Enjoy. I gottta be brief as I have to get to the NM Supreme Court. The second link below will tell you why and how to get there in person or from your couch. Read on!

Readying for 2023

The table is set for success: An even deeper blue NM state house, a Dem Gov, and a host of great bills worthy of your support. Join our first Huddle (below) to find out what is being planned, what bills we plan to support and discuss your ideas of other bills worthy of support and how we can work together to get good bills through. To get a head start, you can review our initial list of bills we plan to support, by clicking here. Over the next 2-3 weeks, this page will be fleshed out with links to one-pagers and other info about the bills and the coalitions supporting them. But please sign up for our first huddle below. We can only succeed in 2023 if we work together in 2022 And also sign up for the Dec 7 Zoom on public power in NM. Indo below.

Retake Legislative HuddleWeds, Nov. 30, 6pm-7pm via Zoom

Join us for our first Legislative Huddle of the upcoming 2023 Session. We will discuss the bills we plan to support and how our Alert system will help ensure informed public comment on those bills. We also want to hear from those of you who have been involved in the interim hearings or have been working with allies to prepare for the session.

If you’ve never participated in a Huddle, they are an excellent way to learn the Roundhouse ropes and how to effectively raise your voice in support of bills that are important to you. You’ll also meet some dedicated folks who have been huddling for the last several Sessions. We will Huddle again Dec. 14 and Jan. 4 before beginning our weekly huddles throughout the session, which opens on Jan. 17.

Click here to register. You must register to participate.

Public Power & Local Choice Energy

Weds., Dec. 7, 6-7:30 pm. Via Zoom

Learn about the concept of public power and the exciting possibilities that result when a state passes Local Choice Energy legislation: lower local electricity rates, greater reliability, swift transition to 100% renewables, and increased local revenues and jobs. Local Choice Energy has been tested in dozens of communities across the nation. Learn from a panel of state and national experts, including:

  • Senator Carrie Hamblen, who is sponsoring our legislation.
  • Local Energy Aggregation Network Executive Director Alison Elliott, who will share with us how Local Choice Energy has been successfully implemented in over a dozen other states.
  • Local Clean Energy Alliance Energy Democracy Organizer Jessica Guadalupe Tovar, who will build on Alison’s comments and detail the organizational hurdles to successful adoption and implementation of Local Choice Energy.
  • Public Power New Mexico Campaign Director Alysha Shaw, who will outline what Public Power NM is and how we are advancing legislation to create Local Choice Energy.

Click to register here. You must register to attend.

In solidarity & haste… gotta race to Supreme Court. I’m late…..

Paul & Roxanne

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  1. Will Retake Our Democracy be supporting Senator Linda Lopez’s bill to repeal the state prohibition to enact local rent control measures?

  2. I absolutely love the photos you’ve included, Paul & Roxanne. 😀

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