We Can’t Stop Now: Options for Impacting the NM,Georgia & PA Midterms

We are all so tired of the flood of requests for our money or time. But you’ve likely read the dispiriting news of the GOP closing the gap across the nation. Control of the House is likely gone, but Gabe’s win is still vital and could be the difference in the effort to hold the House. But holding onto the Senate will be especially important if the Dems lose the House and may come down to one race: Georgia and Working America is launching a GOTV phone bank in Georgia TODAY, plus we provide info on how to call for John Fetterman in PA, plus info on how you can meet and support Gabe Vasquez who holds an oh so narrow 3% lead in the latest polls. We can’t stop now.

Public Bank Zoominar–TONIGHT!

Weds. Oct 26, 6pm-7:30 pm. Public Bank in NM Zoominar. There have been years of advocacy, but the Alliance for Local Prosperity (AFLEP) has been asssebling new information and garrnering more and more legislative support. This could be the year we get it done. But to do so, we need a well informed team of constituents talking with their friends and their legislators. So please join AFLEP Executive Director Angela Merkert and AFLEP’s Public Bank Campaign Director and retired banker, Harold Dixon, to learn how a state public bank would collaborate with, not compete with community banks and find out how a state public bank catalyze rural economic vitality. joining Angela and Harold will be Helga Garcia, Chair of the NM Food & Ag Policy Council, and a rural business owner who will describe how lack of access to capital impedes rural business development and how a state public bank could change that. Also on the panel will be State Sen. Jeff Steinborn and Rep. Christine Trujillo,who will tell us about where we have legislative support and what you can do to build and strengthen that support.You must register to attend.

Click here to register

Working America: Phone Banking in Georgia

Working America offers this message and opportunity:

We are all worried about the midterms!

Here is something you can do right now to feel better.

Today, we launch a brand new GOTV phonebank to Georgia voters.

We’ll be doing “organizing by phone.” We will make sure Georgia voters have voted. And, we will ask them to reach out to their friends, family, and neighbors to make sure we get everyone to the polls.

We know what’s at stake this November — protecting the right to vote, fighting the climate crisis, joining a union, accessing reproductive health care, and so much more.

Sign up for phone banking here.

Another Key Senate Race with a Tremendous Candidate Where You Can Phone Bank

The other Senate race that is critical to Dems holding the Senate is in Pennsylvania where a pathetic Republican, none other than Dr. Oz, is in a dead heat with a wonderful Dem candidate, Lt. Governor John Fetterman, who would be safely leading if not for vicious questioning of his health. Fetterman had a stroke a few months ago. But he is fully recovered and is a candidate you can feel good about supporting, unabashedly a fierce advocate for working people and just an authentic human being who just happens to be a Lt.Governor running for the Senate and to save our country.Click the link to sign up to phone bank. https://www.mobilize.us/?q=Fetterman

Retake encourages anyone with an hour or two or ten, to sign up. We will have to live with Nov 8 results for a long time.

Gabe Leads by But 3%. Let’s turn NM Blue and Rid Ourselves of Yvette Herrell.

It really helps to like a candidate as a person, to trust that the candidate will not, once elected, turn into an ally of industries he/she had pledged to regulate or who suddenly compromises the values that drove his/her campaign. Gabe Vasquez will be there for us. You can trust him, trust me on this, or watch this interview with him and then sign up to attend his last Santa Fe meet & greet where you can meet him and hear from him speaking off the cuff. You won’t be disappointed.

Now that you’ve heard from Gabe, check out the meet & greet set for this Sunday and click the rsvp link below the graphic, to get the address for the venue …and please bring your checkbook to the talk. After you hear directly from Gabe, you will be glad you brought it.

Click here to RSVP

In solidarity & hope,

Paul & Roxanne

p.s. look for recommendations on Constitutional Amendments 2 an 3 tomorrow.

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  1. From my precinct chair… Here’s what it says in the LOWV voter guide about the charter amendment:

    Bernalillo Charter amendment explanation

    The proposed changes to the Bernalillo County Charter, the primary governing document for the county, are minor in nature and allow for clean-up of language and minor authority and administrative adjustments to promote efficiency.
    The hiring process for the Chief of Fire and Rescue is streamlined so that position becomes a direct hire by the County Manager instead of
    undergoing County Commission confirmation.
    Language is added to clarify the collaboration between the County Manager and County Attorney in retaining outside counsel for cases I involving conflicts of interest concerning county business, and the County Manager’s ability to retain counsel to assist with the duties of his or her office.
    The county’s legislative process is amended to include Deputy County Managers among those elected officials and county employees authorized to sponsor legislative agenda items.
    Various small language corrections are made throughout the charter.

    If approved, these changes would take effect on January 1, 2023.

    Seems innocuous enough. Why couldn’t they just say THAT instead of the gobbledygook on the ballot?

  2. I tracked down the NM League of Women Voters info on Constitutional Amendment #2. From where I sit, since the implementing legislation will probably be written by a Blue legislature without any/many DINOS, it is likely that it will align with my priorities, especially things like rural Internet. The list of things that are considered “whittling away” at the anti-donation clause are all things I’m in favor of. I’m voting YES.

  3. Paul, thanking you for backing us up on the Green Amendment webinar yesterday. Nice to have your support versus local legislators lining up for Freeport Copper Mining!!! Open pit heavy metal ph1 lakes, all the rage coming in Grant and Sierra Counties.

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