A Patty Challenge: Call to Action!

Rep. Patty Lundstrom just broke a Democratic Party Caucus practice, donating $1,000 each to moderate candidates opposing good incumbent Democratic Reps. Susan Herrera, Kristina Ortez, Roger Montoya, & Andrea Romero. It’s time for us to step up and out-donate Patty Lundstrom! Those 4 Dems have consistently made one good vote after another. They’ve had our back. Their reward is to be undermined by Dem. Party leadership. Read on.

A quick note to say that our 2022 election endorsements are almost completed and we hope to publish them on Saturday morning. Disclosure alert: We endorse Reps. Herrera, Montoya, Ortez, and Romero. Read on and please take action.

Petty Patty Doesn’t Get Her Hydrogen, So She Turns Against Four Great Reps. Let’s Show Some Love and Send Donations to These Reps.

Patty has shown her pettiness by making $1,000 donations to each of four moderate-conservative Dems challenging four outstanding incumbent Dem. Reps, a move that at least one veteran Dem legislator has never seen before. From today’s New Mexican:

Rep. Gail Chasey, D-Albuquerque, said it’s “unusual” for sitting lawmakers to support their colleagues’ opponents.

I understand she’s drawing a distinction between the money we raise for the general election as a caucus and these contributions, but I haven’t experienced this before,” Chasey said.

From The New Mexican: “Democratic lawmaker’s campaign contributions to colleagues’ opponents spark friction

In a democracy, everyone has the right to support the candidate of his or her choice, but Lundstrom gave an indication as to why she may have made this move, quoted in The New Mexican:

Lundstrom told the Albuquerque Journal, which first reported on her campaign contributions, her decision was not personal. However, she told the newspaper she was disappointed in some Democrats’ lack of support for her hydrogen bill.

“I don’t like the fact that some of the views on that committee can dictate what happens in this part of the state,” Lundstrom told the newspaper, referring to the House Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee, which voted to table the bill.

From The New Mexican: “Democratic lawmaker’s campaign contributions to colleagues’ opponents spark friction

Let’s dissect this for a moment. Lundstrum is undermining fellow Democrats because Chair Matthew McQueen’s Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee (EENRC) had the effrontery to perform its constitutional duty to evaluate the impact hydrogen hub legislation might have on our environment. So Patty punishes four good Dems, only one of whom happen to be on EENRC. Apparently, Lundstrom prefers a wild west NM, with every man or region for itself, the common good be damned. Where is Lundstrom’s outrage when she defies her fellow Dems and refuses to include funding for bills in “her” House budget?

Herrera gave Lundstrom the benefit of the doubt, saying in the New Mexican: “She [Herrera] ‘thinks the world’” of Lundstrom. “She’s a hard worker. She works hard for the Democratic caucus. She works hard for the people of New Mexico.” Herrera went on to state that she thought Lundstrom had just “made a mistake.” Well, if that is the case, it is a costly mistake.

Action I: Retake is asking every one of you to counter Patty’s actions by donating to all four of the candidates she is undermining. And to underscore the urgency of this action, I want to remind you that Working Together NM, the conservative, corporate-funded PAC, is also supporting two of the challengers to whom Patty contributed: Henry Roybal (opposing Andrea Romero) and Joseph “Gas & Oil Guy” Sanchez (opposing Roger Montoya). Romero and Montoya have consistently made good votes for NM. Time to show our love.

To make it easy to do this, Retake is offering links to all four Dem. Reps. campaign donation sites. Just click the links and donate as generously as you can to each campaign. Let’s see if we can double the total given by Lundstrom. Not only will this send a message to Lundstrom, but it will buoy the spirits of four great Dems.

Action II. Speaker Egolf is the one who makes decisions about which campaigns are funded by the Dem. House Campaign Commmittee. Egolf has told me that these funds are doled out to campaigns facing steep challenges. Let’s ask Speaker Egolf to stand up for his Caucus and contribute $10,000 to each of these four campaigns.

Speaker Brian Egolf: brian@brianegolf.com

Two Actions, ten minutes tops, to send a clear message that we support loyal Dems who consistently support solid progressive legislation. We all need to do this. Now! Thank you!

In solidarity and hope,

Paul & Roxanne

Bonus Action: Please send this post to at least 10 fellow Dems and to your Dem. legislator and ask them to make contributions. But please make your donations first.

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  1. Thank you Roxanne and Paul. I just made my contributions!

  2. I agree! Each of these four Representatives deserve our support and I have joined their campaigns by making a contribution to each for their re-election in 2022!

  3. Thanks for calling her out. Donating now!

  4. ……………………
    New Energy Economy

    The names above represent the very well off , millionaires and multimillionaires, who are part of the ruling class and political class of this country.

    They have the power to engineer our society as they please.
    Not you or I.
    Because, as we are not a democracy, the bottom 85% of Americans (I believe we are included in it.) have, for generations, been rendered powerless to participate as equals by these two ruling classes.

    As Retake and others have, for several years now, tried to change the Round House into a more ‘democratic’ institution, the calculated actions of this institution’s new and old members has kept it one of the poorest states in the union for over a century. New Mexico politicians are also directly responsible for NM being a ‘good’ contributor to Global Warming and for the poisoning of nature by means of radioactive and other toxins produced by (our?) the fossil fuel industry.

    In the mean time the progress of Global Warming can not be stopped and all there is to do is to learn to cope with its effects, like New Mexico’s interminable drought.
    Let’s wish ourselves luck with this personal and community project.

    Do you know 5,000 Santafeans involved in building the necessary community copping mechanisms to survive (?) Global Warming in our heating up South West?

    I don’t.

    But there is more.

    As more and more Americans, knowingly or not, accept and/or turn into a Fascist view of life, America, with the help of both parties and at the initiative of its Ruling Class, has began to create little Mussolini’s not only in Washington DC but in every state.

    This is also an unstoppable process. A sociopolitical one.
    I ask the reader.

    What do you think has been the role of the Democratic Party in the transformation of the US into a Fascist society?

    You should know that there are many Americans, of all walks of life, who will tell us that the Dems are directly responsible for this sociopolitical development.
    Some time during the eighties, I do not remember the year, I met somebody who told me that America’s two parties represent the 2 wings of the same bird.

    If you review our political history you will understand that the bird, representing our super rich ruling class, has inhabited the White House more than once.
    I believe this is not one of the essential conditions defining a democratic republic.

    Since history has shown us, again and again, that it is rather impossible to change political systems from the inside, I believe it is time to go back to the drawing board to look for a more evolved Paradigm than the one Patriarchy has given us for the last 6,000 years or so.


  5. Done on the first two actions – donating $25/month to each for next 2 months. thanks Paul and Roxane for alerting us and making it easy for us to take action. Will work next on the 3rd action.

  6. I just joined the Anti Patty movement with $100 to each of the four. Actually Kristina Ortez is my extraordinary representative and I am supporting her fully

  7. In a recent Town Hall sponsored by the Taos County Democratic Party, the challenger to Kristina Ortez proudly proclaimed her funding from Oil and Gas. This is definitely a concerted effort, not just by Lindstrom but by those who are seeking Hispano moderate dems, funded by OGA, to defeat progressive informed current legislators. There seems to be a “message” out there to Hispanic New Mexicans that the white progressives are taking over their state. Sadly, the challenger to Ortez seems unqualified, ill-informed and incredibly naive’. This is also happened in ABQ at the City Council level.

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