Hydrogen Hub Tabled in a Riveting 6-hour Hearing

Every few minutes in today’s hearing HB 4 appeared headed toward passing, only to to do a 180-degree flip, with strong indication it would be defeated. Surprises at every turn. It was crazy, but no one could have predicted how it played out.

By a 6-4 vote, the House Energy Environment and Natural Resources tabled HB 4. It ain’t over yet, but this was a serious win. I expect that we will see a motion to “untable” within a week. It is a short session, and today’s hearing definitely slowed the Hydrogen Hub train significantly. But even if it is untabled, we now have time to hone our message and target the legislators who need to hear it.

I started a post outlining what happened, who said what, and how that might inform our strategy. But Roxanne needs to edit it and we are both out of steam. So look for a post mid-morning tomorrow with the details of today’s hearing.

Thanks to all the many Retake folks and our allies who offered clear, compelling public comment. A great day, with more to do. Onward!

In solidarity & hope,

Paul & Roxanne

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  1. Thanks for the good news. Does it require a super majority to take a tabled bill off the table?

  2. Thank you Retake Our Democracy!

  3. I read that Sen.Heinrich and Lujan at the federal level are supporting this hydrogen legislation!!!? Our gov. And our congressional senators did NOT do their homework on dirty hydrogen !
    Nothing but politics. Shameful! I’m not voting for any of them again.
    I’m very interested to understand why the Republicans voted against this hydrogen bill? I’m guessing that the senate bill is stronger…

    Pamela Marshall

  4. Many Thanks to Paul & Roxanne!!
    Great job by all who sent emails & testified!!!

  5. It was fascinating to watch. I brought my laptop to a couple of appointments today just to watch!

  6. Sorry to be off-message, but WHAT HAPPENED to yesterday’s scheduled hearing on SB 80 Health Security Adoption Act? I saw it on the official schedule for the webcast but that seemed to be the end of it. ????

  7. Thanks Paul for posting this right away. Here’s an example of a twist. Rep Miguel Garcia was first committee member to talk and he did for a long time. The way he was going on, I was thinking “this guy could vote for this” and then he closed with “but for such and such reason, I cannot support this bill”. And the biggest twist I thought: After 5 1/2 hours, Rep Montoya makes a motion to Pass (I expected that); 2-3 seconds later, Rep Townsend, who had not said a word the entire hearing (VERY UNUSUAL for him) makes a motion to Table (I did not expect that). Since, as I’ve learned, that motion takes precedence, Chair McQueen (who was EXCELLENT throughout the 6 hours, especially on his line of questioning) calls for a roll call on votes. That’s when I began to squirm. I’ll let Paul’s recap of the particulars give that next surprising twist. Wow, what a day. It left quite a butt imprint on my chair.

  8. Great job everyone. We’ll need to do it again soon I’m afraid.

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