2022 Bills We Support/Oppose

This page had been designed to help you:

  • Initiate dialog with your legislator to educate them before they vote on bills.
  • Write to legislators who previously opposed one or more of the bills below or who have not signed on to support the bill this year.
  • Write letters to the editor using talking points we provide. Here is Retake’s Guide to Writing Effective Letters to the Editor, with a list of NM media, including how to submit and word limits.

2022 Bills We Support and Will Advocate For

Below are the bills we will actively advocate for so far. We are reviewing new bills as they are introduced and will add to this list. (Bills we support but do not have the resources to advocate for follows this list.) Follow the links for more info on each bill. House bills listed first, then Senate; bills, joint resolutions, then memorials.

  1. HB 11 Energy Storage System Tax Credit. Sponsors: Reps. Sarinana, Dixon; Senators Stewart, Stefancis. Talking points coming soon!
  2. HB 34 Solar Market Dev. Tax Credit Extension. Sponsor: Rep. Joanne Ferrary. Identical companion bill in the Senate is SB 44 New Solar Market Dev. Income Tax Changes. Sponsor: Sen. Bill Soules.
  3. HB 37 Community Energy Efficiency Development Block Grant. Sponsors: Reps. Kristina Ortez, Debra Sariñana, and Patricia Roybal Caballero.
  4. HB 65 Housing Modernization Changes. Sponsor: Rep. Andrea Romero.
  5. HB 75 Public Banking Act. Sponsor: Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero.
  6. HB 131 Water Data Act. Sponsors: Reps. Andrea Romero, Tara Lujan. Talking points coming soon.
  7. HB 132 Interest Rates for Certain Loans (Small Loan Rate Cap of 36%). Sponsors: Reps. Susan Herrera, Brian Egolf, Joy Garratt, Phelps Anderson.
  8. HJR 2 Environmental Rights, CA (aka Green Amendment). Sponsors: Reps. Joanne Ferrary and Tara Lujan.
  9. HJR 9 Independent Redistricting Commission. Sponsors: Reps. Natalie Figueroa and Daymon Ely. Would put on the ballot an amendment to the state constitution to create a completely independent redistricting commission to avoid gerrymandering or “buddymandering” and the expensive lawsuits that typically follow the redistricting process.
  10. HM 3 Paid Family and Medical Leave Task Force. Sponsors: Reps. Linda Serrato, Christine Chandler. More info coming soon. Identical companion memorial in the Senate is SM 1, sponsored by Sen. Mimi Stewart.
  11. HM 22 Study Low-Income Basic Income. Sponsor: Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero. Talking points coming soon.
  12. SB 8 Voters’ Rights Provisions. Just introduced Jan. 25, this bill is backed by the Governor and Secretary of State, so will likely pass. It extends the early voting period, designates Election Day a state holiday, expands online voter registration opportunities, extends the deadline for mail-in ballots, supports Native voting access, enables nominating petitions signatures to be securely submitted online, restores voting rights of convicted felons not currently incarcerated, and other improvements to voting rights. Talking points coming soon!
  13. SB 21 Electric Vehicle Income Tax Credit. Sponsor: Senator Bill Tallman.
  14. SB 43 Prohibiting Life Without Parole for a Child. Sponsor: Sen. Antoinette Sedillo Lopez. More info coming soon, but this “Second Chance” bill would make juveniles sentenced as adults eligible for parole after serving 15 years in prison. If parole is denied, the request would be reconsidered by the parole board every two years. The bill is similar to SB 247, which the Senate passed 28-11 in 2021, but it never made it through the House.
  15. SB 44 New Solar Market Development Income Tax Changes. See identical House companion HB 34 above, including a link to talking points.
  16. SB 80 Health Security Act Adoption Study. Sponsors: Senators Gerry Ortiz Y Pino and Harold Pope. Appropriates $1.5 million to the Office of Superintendent of Insurance to provide additional funding to study and report findings related to adoption of the Health Security Act.
  17. SM 1 Paid Family and Medical Leave Task Force. Sponsor: Sen. Mimi Stewart. See identical companion House Memorial, HM 3, above.
  18. SM 10 Study State-Level Public Utility Model. Sponsors: Senators Liz Stefanics and Carrie Hamblen. A memorial asking the legislature and Public Regulation Commission to conduct and oversee a study to determine the public, ratepayer, environmental, and economic benefits and costs, and the technical feasibility, of a state-level public utility model in New Mexico. To learn more about Public Power, please read Public Power: A Path to Energy Democracy, a Just Transition, & 100% Renewable Energy. The link above would be good to review and share with your legislator.
  19. SJR 2 Environmental Rights, CA. Sponsors: Senators Sedillo Lopez, Ferrary, Steinborn, Soules, Pope. This is the identical Senate companion bill to HJR 2. See HJR 2 above for talking points.
  20. SJR 8 Salaries for Public Officials (Paid Legislature). Sponsors: Senators Daniel Ivey-Soto and Bobby Gonzales.

Other Bills We Support

We support these bills but do not have the resources to actively advocate for them. We will add bills as they are introduced. We hope that you will track them and advocate for them on your own. Links take you to the bill page at nmlegis.gov.

  1. HB 22 Limited English Access to State Programs. Sponsors: Reps. Patricia Roybal Caballero and Kay Bounkeua, and Sen. Antoinette Sedillo Lopez. SB 22 Language Access in State Agencies. Sponsors: Sen. Antoinette Sedillo Lopez. These are identical companion bills, one introduced in each chamber.
  2. HB 35 Geothermal Heat Pump Tax Credit, and its identical companion Senate bill, SB 68, sponsored by Rep. Joanne Ferrary and Sen. Bill Soules.
  3. HJR 1 Public Assistance for Household Services, CA. Sponsors: Reps. Allison, Chandler, Sweetser, and Serrato.
  4. SB 77 Disclosure of Certain Info By State. Sponsor: Antoinette Sedillo Lopez. Prohibits disclosure of certain sensitive personal information by state agencies.
  5. SB 68 Geothermal Heat Pump Tax Credit. Sponsor: Sen. Bill Soules. See HB 35 above — identical companion bill in House.


  1. HB 4 Hydrogen Hub Development Act. This is not a clean energy bill, this is a dirty energy bill, one that would encourage the gas and oil industry to keep drilling, fracking, and polluting. Please follow the link to read our talking points. If you want to go deeper, we have three posts outlining the reasons to oppose:
  • Hydrogen Hub or Hydrogen Hype? You Decide, published Nov ,18, when the Gov. first announced, in very broad strokes, her intent for the Hydrogen Hub to be the centerpiece of her legislative agenda. The post integrated research conducted by the Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy and Food & Water Watch, who strongly condemned the concept in a scathing letter to Speaker Pelosi and Sen Schumer.
  • Hydrogen Hub: An Energy Plan That is Bad for NM and the Future, published by Retake on Dec. 28, examining the only peer-reviewed study of hydrogen as a source of energy. It includes commentary from Rio Grande Sierra Club and an excellent video on blue hydrogen done by Tom Solomon of 350NM. We are strongly united in opposition to this bill.
  • Tell Gov & Speaker You Do Not Want an Uncritical Stampede for Net Zero or Hydrogen Schemes. You have to skip past commentary on redistricting, but this post is important, as it provides excerpts from MLG’s own 27-page bill summary. The excerpts make it clear that her idea of “clean energy” may be embraced by the fossil fuel industry but it is not shared by anyone in the environmental community.

3. Net Zero Emissions Economy Act. This will be the Governor’s “net zero” bill. It has not been introduced as yet, so we want to review the bill itself before formally opposing. But, we have published a post delineating what is so disingenuous about Net Zero. Since we have no language as to what the Governor proposes, our critique focuses on how it has been employed elsewhere and how it has been used by the fossil fuel industry, its lobbyists, and fossil fuel-purchased legislators to justify climate inaction and to prop up their Net Zero calculation with projected gains from future technology that has no research to suggest it can work. The piece below will offer you plenty of information to get you grounded. We will provide updated info once the Gov.’s bill is introduced. But it is hard to imagine Retake doing anything but opposing this bill once it is introduced.

Bills We Are Studying (some not yet introduced)

HB 24 State Engineer Water Planning & Mgmt. Sponsor: Rep. Tara Lujan. More info coming soon. Link to bill page at nmlegis.gov here.

SB 49 Exempt Social Security from Income Tax. Sponsor: Sen. Bill Tallman. Link to bill page at nmelgis.gov here.

Expanded Funding for Water Projects & Office of the State Engineer. This would likely not be a bill but rather a line item in HB2, the state budget. Norm Gaume and members of the Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates(MRGWA) have created a budget that would more fully fund the State Engineer’s office, which is responsible for water management and planning. Recall that State Engineer John D’Antonio retired Dec. 31 from his position as New Mexico’s top water official. The reasoning behind his departure should concern all who care about the state’s most precious resource. D’Antonio says his office lacks the necessary funding and staffing to perform the work of the Office of the State Engineer. He should know. D’Antonio served as state engineer from 2003-2011 under then-Gov. Bill Richardson. Imagine being put in charge of something so important and given a fraction of what you need to do the job.

Gun Safety. We expect that there will likely be legislation related to gun violence. We will take our cues from Miranda Viscoli and New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence for their recommendation on any emerging bill.

Methane emissions penalties & other gas and oil regulation. We have been told that some strong legislation raising penalties for leaks and raising leasing rates will be coming, but we have seen no details and as we have stated in so many contexts; the devil is in the details. Stay tuned.

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