2022 Bills We Support/Oppose

This page is designed to help you initiate dialog with your legislator to educate them before they vote on bills, to write to legislators who previously opposed one or more of the bills below or who have not signed on to support the bill this year, and to write letters to the editor using talking points we provide. Here is Retake’s Guide to Writing Effective Letters to the Editor, with a list of NM media, including how to submit and word limits.

2022 Bills We Support and Will Advocate For

Below are the bills we are actively supporting. (Bills we support but do not have the resources to advocate for follow this list.) House bills listed first, then Senate; bills, joint resolutions, then memorials. Status of bills added as of Feb. 5. Green = Moving Along. Red = Dead. Orange = Seems to Be Stuck. (Find committee abbreviations at this link.)

  1. HB 6 Clean Future Act, previously known as the Net Zero Emissions Act. UPDATE: As of Feb. 9, we now cautiously support this bill as amended. We could not initially support HB 6 without substantial amendments. As our summary linked above reflects, we feel that though amendments have not gone far enough, they are a meaningful improvement. We fear that holding out for the perfect could wind up being the enemy of the good. This is a very hard call because the amendments we still seek are important and, upon reading our summary, you may find yourself wanting to speak in opposition to the bill. But consider that if you do, you could be speaking just before or after a NMOGA lobbyist or an exec. from a big fossil fuel corporation. Our recommendation is to speak in support, but to identify amendments sought in our summary. Please click the link above to understand the issues. We apologize for this late shift in position, but this has been a tough call. To be heard in HGEIC soon, possibly Fri. Feb.11.
  2. HB 9 Unlawful Access to Firearm by Minor. We are pleased to announce that this bill was fully amended and New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence and Retake now fully support the bill. Please thank bill sponsors for improving their bill. Passed HCPAC Jan. 28, “without recommendation,” 3:2, party lines. Passed HJC Feb 4, 7:5, with Dems. (except Alcon) voting “do pass.” D. Armstrong was absent. To be heard in HAFC Feb. 10..
  3. HB 11 Energy Storage System Tax Credit. Sponsors: Reps. Sariñana, Dixon; Senators Stewart, Stefancis. Amended and passed HENRC Jan. 22, 7:4 party lines. Now in HTRC.
  4. HB 34 Solar Market Dev. Tax Credit Extension. Sponsor: Rep. Joanne Ferrary. Identical companion bill in the Senate is SB 44 New Solar Market Dev. Income Tax Changes. Sponsor: Sen. Bill Soules. HB 34 passed HENRC Jan. 22, 7:4 party lines. Now in HTRC.
  5. HB 37 Community Energy Efficiency Development Block Grant. Sponsors: Reps. Kristina Ortez, Debra Sariñana, and Patricia Roybal Caballero. Passed HCPAC Jan. 26, 3:2 party lines. Passed HENRC Feb. 1, 6:4 party lines. Passed House Floor Feb. 8, 44:24, party lines. Scheduled in Senate Conservation Feb. 10.
  6. HB 65 Housing Modernization Changes. Sponsor: Rep. Andrea Romero. Passed HCPAC Jan. 26, 3:1 party lines (Lord absent). Passed HJC Jan. 31, 8:4 party lines. Passed on House Floor Feb. 5, 44:24. Passed SHPAC Feb. 9, 4:3 with “no recommendation.”
  7. HB 75 Public Banking Act. Sponsor: Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero. Tabled in HCEDC Jan. 31, 6:3, Dems. Gallegos, Martinez, Serrato voting “no” to Table; Figueroa excused. Dead for this year.
  8. HB 131 Water Data Act Implementation. Sponsors: Reps. Andrea Romero, Tara Lujan. Passed HAAWC Feb. 3, 5:0, Hochman, Small excused; Ezzell absent. To be heard in HAFC Feb. 9.
  9. HB 132 Interest Rates for Certain Loans (Small Loan Rate Cap of 36%). Sponsors: Reps. Susan Herrera, Brian Egolf, Joy Garratt, Phelps Anderson. Passed HCPAC w/ appropriation removed Jan. 29, 3:2 party lines. Passed HJC Feb. 2, 7:5, Dem. Alcon voting with Republicans. Passed House Floor on Feb. 7, 51:18. Passed SHPAC Feb. 9, 6:2. Amendment to require reporting from State Credit Unions was removed.
  10. HJR 2 Environmental Rights, CA (aka Green Amendment). Sponsors: Reps. Joanne Ferrary and Tara Lujan. SJR 2 is identical companion bill in Senate. Stalled in HENRC Jan. 29 with a 5:5 vote. Chair McQueen worked with sponsors to revise. Amended version passed in HENRC Feb. 5, 6:4 party lines. To be heard in HJC Feb. 11.
  11. HJR 9 Independent Redistricting Commission. Sponsors: Reps. Natalie Figueroa and Daymon Ely. Heard in HGEIC Feb. 2; no vote taken. Rolled to Feb. 9 for further discussion. Passed HGEIC Feb. 9, 5:4. Moves on to House Judiciary.
  12. HM 3 Paid Family and Medical Leave Task Force. Sponsors: Reps. Linda Serrato, Christine Chandler. More info coming soon. Identical companion memorial in the Senate is SM 1, sponsored by Sen. Mimi Stewart. HM 3 passed HLVMC Feb. 1, 7:2, with Republican Baca joining Dems. On House Calendar.
  13. HM 20 Study State-Level Public Utility Model. Sponsors: Reps. Andrea Romero and Angelica Rubio. An identical companion bill to SM 10 below. Assigned to HLVMC Jan. 21. Not heard as of Feb. 9. Doesn’t look like this will go anywhere this year. A critical Financial Impact Report, which you can read at this link, may have kept it from moving forward.
  14. HM 22 Study Low-Income Basic Income. Sponsor: Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero. Passed HHHC Jan. 28, 6:0, with all Republicans “excused.” On House Calendar.
  15. HM 26 Study Legislative Session and Salaries. Sponsors: Reps: Angelica Rubio, Joy Garratt, Debra Sariñana, Susan Herrera, and Kristina Ortez. See the similar SJR 8 Salaries for Public Officials below. While HM 26 only asks for a study, it is more comprehensive in its scope than SJR 8. In addition to examining salaries for legislators, HM 26 would examine and make recommendations on the length and scope of legislative session, legislative staffing, and staffing pay. Talking points coming soon. HM 26 passed HGEIC Jan. 28, 6:3, party lines. On House Calendar.
  16. SB 8 Voters’ Rights Provisions. Sponsors: Senators Wirth, Martinez, Duhigg, Pope, and Hamblen. Heard Feb. 2 in SRC, committee substitute introduced. After discussion, held over for subsequent hearing. Committee substitute passed SRC Feb. 7, 7:4, along party lines. SJC passed committee substitute Feb. 9, 6:3 along party lines. SOS is okay with substitute. To be heard in SFC Feb. 10.
  17. SB 21 Electric Vehicle Income Tax Credit. Sponsor: Senator Bill Tallman. Assigned to STBTC Jan. 19. Hearing finally scheduled in STBTC Feb. 10.
  18. SB 43 Prohibiting Life Without Parole for a Child. Sponsor: Sen. Antoinette Sedillo Lopez. Passed SHPAC Jan. 28, 5:1, with Candelaria, Gallegos, Ingle “excused.” Passed Senate Judiciary Feb. 5, 5:3, along party lines. Passed Senate Floor, Feb. 8, 23:15, along party lines, with Ivey-Soto excused and Candelaria, Muñoz, and Shendo absent. To be heard in HCPAC Feb. 10.
  19. SB 44 New Solar Market Development Income Tax Changes. See identical House companion HB 34 above, including a link to talking points. Assigned to STBTC Jan. 19. Hearing finally scheduled in STBTC Feb. 10.
  20. SB 80 Health Security Act Adoption Study. Sponsors: Senators Gerry Ortiz Y Pino and Harold Pope. Passed HHPAC Jan. 26, 5:2, party lines; Candelaria and Ingle “excused.” Now in SFC.
  21. SM 1 Paid Family and Medical Leave Task Force. Sponsor: Sen. Mimi Stewart. See identical companion House Memorial, HM 3, above. Passed SRC Jan. 31, 6:0, with Baca, Ingle, Ivey-Soto, Morres, Pirtle “excused.” Passed SHPAC Feb. 7, 6:2, party lines.
  22. SM 10 Study State-Level Public Utility Model. Sponsors: Senators Liz Stefanics and Carrie Hamblen. To learn more about Public Power, please read Public Power: A Path to Energy Democracy, a Just Transition, & 100% Renewable Energy. The link above would be good to review and share with your legislator. Assigned to SRC Jan. 20. Not heard as of Feb. 9. Likely dead.
  23. SJR 2 Environmental Rights, CA. Sponsors: Senators Sedillo Lopez, Ferrary, Steinborn, Soules, Pope. See identical companion House bill HJR 2 above. SJR 2 assigned to SRC Jan. 18. Not heard as of Feb. 5. But HJR 2 is moving. See notes above on HJR 2.
  24. SJR 8 Salaries for Public Officials (Paid Legislature). Sponsors: Senators Daniel Ivey-Soto and Bobby Gonzales. We prefer this Joint Resolution to the similar HJR 10, primarily because SJR 8 uses the existing Ethics Commission to carry out the provision of the Joint Resolution whereas HJR 10 would require the formation of yet another new commission to accomplish the work. There is also HM 26 Study Legislative Session & Salaries that, while only asking for a study, is more comprehensive in its scope. In addition to examining salaries for legislators, HM 26 would examine and make recommendations on the length and scope of legislative session, legislative staffing, and staffing pay, which are also badly in need of review and action. Passed SRC Jan. 24, 7:1, along party lines. Sitting in SJC for more than 2 weeks as of Feb. 9.

Other Bills We Support

We support these bills but do not have the resources to actively advocate for them. We will add bills as they are introduced. We hope that you will track them and advocate for them on your own. Links take you to the bill page at nmlegis.gov.

  1. HB 22 Limited English Access to State Programs. Sponsors: Reps. Patricia Roybal Caballero and Kay Bounkeua, and Sen. Antoinette Sedillo Lopez. SB 22 Language Access in State Agencies. Sponsors: Sen. Antoinette Sedillo Lopez. These are identical companion bills, one introduced in each chamber.
  2. HB 24 State Engineer Water Planning & Mgmt. Sponsors: Reps. Tara Lujan and Andrea Romero.
  3. HB 35 Geothermal Heat Pump Tax Credit, and its identical companion Senate bill, SB 68, sponsored by Rep. Joanne Ferrary and Sen. Bill Soules.
  4. HB 41 Water Trust Fund. Sponsor: Rep. Susan Herrera.
  5. HB 46 Family Representation & Advocacy Act. Sponsors: Rep. Gail Chasey, Sen. Linda Lopez.
  6. HB 87 Indian Education Fund Distributions. Sponsor: Rep. Derrick Lente.
  7. HB 88 Yazzie Lawsuit Appropriations. Sponsor: Rep. Derrick Lente.
  8. HB 96 Violence Intervention Program Act. Sponsor: Rep. Gail Chasey.
  9. HB 97 Rural Health Care Project Loans. Sponsors: Reps. Marian Matthews, Dayan Hochman-Vigil, Ambrose Castellano, Christine Trujillo, Debra Sariñana.
  10. HB 101 Reforestation Center Act. Sponsors: Reps. Debra Sariñana, Marian Matthews, Kristina Ortez, Matthew McQueen, Phelps Anderson.
  11. HB 118 Early Childhood Dept. & Tribal Agreements. Sponsor: Rep. Derrick Lente.
  12. HB 121 Acequia & Community Ditch Fund. Sponsors: Reps. Herrera, Castellano, Ortez, A. Romero, Lente.
  13. HB 127 Storage of Certain Radioactive Waste. Sponsors: Reps. Matthew McQueen, Tara Lujan, Sen. Jeff Steinborn.
  14. HB 135 Indian Family Protection Act. Sponsors: Rep. Georgene Louis. Sen. Daniel Ivey-Soto.
  15. HB 157 Surrender of Infants. Sponsors: Reps. Ambrose Castellano, James Strickler, Kelly Fajardo, Christine Trujillo, Doreen Gallegos.
  16. HJR 1 Public Assistance for Household Services, CA. Sponsors: Reps. Allison, Chandler, Sweetser, and Serrato.
  17. HM 36 Hospital Charges for Uninsured. Sponsor: Rep. Roger Montoya.
  18. HM 38 Law Enforcement Training Study. Sponsor: Rep. Andrea Romero.
  19. SB 14 Enacting the Clean Fuel Standard Act. Sponsor: Sen. Mimi Stewart.
  20. SB 77 Disclosure of Certain Info By State. Sponsor: Antoinette Sedillo Lopez.
  21. SB 68 Geothermal Heat Pump Tax Credit. Sponsor: Sen. Bill Soules. See HB 35 above — identical companion bill in House.
  22. SB 140 Opportunity Scholarship Act. Sponsors: Senators Liz Stefanics, Joy Garratt. Free college tuition and fees at any NM Public or Tribal College or University for residents of all ages who work toward a certificate, associate, or bachelor’s degree and maintain a 2.5 GPA.


  1. HB 228 Hydrogen Hub Development. Follow the link to read an excellent new summary about why Hydrogen Hub Development is bad for New Mexico, and please share this summary with legislators. (Big thanks to Retake volunteers Saraswati Khalsa, Dan Pritchard, and Jay Levine for researching and compiling the new summary.)

    SESSION HISTORY: 2-8-22 UPDATE: Today, the Hydrogen Hub was introduced yet a third time in “dummy” bill HB 228. Are you laughing yet? We don’t think HB 228 will get through in the 9 days remaining in the Session, but we’ll keep you posted. Talking points against hydrogen production at the link below remain the same. No time to update it, so just assume “228” where you see “227.” Bills are identical except tax credits are removed. LATEST UPDATE, 2-7-22: As he said he would, Speaker Egolf effectively killed HB 227 today by putting in on the “Speaker’s Table” on the House Floor. HB4 Hydrogen Hub Development Act Reborn in Dummy Bill HB 227. (Also see related bill, SB 194 below.) HB 227 retains the tax incentives found in HB4 and is designed to authorize the expenditure of $150M already set aside in the pending appropriations bill, HB 2. HB 227 maintains similar definitions of “clean” hydrogen that characterizes what a hydrogen production facility is and what it does.

2. SB 49 Exempt Social Security from Income Tax. Sponsor: Sen. Bill Tallman. Link to bill page at nmelgis.gov here.

3. HB 172 Interest Rates on Certain Loans. We OPPOSE this bill. It was introduced to counter HB 132 Interest Rates for Certain Loans. HB 172 sets the small loan interest rate at 99% instead of the 36% rate in HB 132. Did they think we’d get confused because they gave the new bill nearly the same name? Sponsors have claimed they introduced this 99% rate bill “in case 36% doesn’t pass.” Well, the 36% rate bill already passed HCPAC and House Judiciary and it’s on the House Floor Calendar. Could they try to raise the rate to 99% on the House Floor? Well, yes, but it’s better to start at 36% and try to get that passed! No talking points — just tell them to kill the 99% bill and stick with 36%!

4. SB 194 Additional Energy Act Definitions. Another Hydrogen Hub-related bill, SB 194 amends the definition of Renewable Energy in both the Renewable Energy Act and the Rural Electric Cooperative Act. It basically adds hydrogen production to the acceptable forms of renewable electricity generation in our state. Tabled in SCC Feb. 8, 7:2, party lines. This bill is dead. Yay!

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