We Won! PRC Hearing Examiner Rules to Reject PNM-Avangrid Merger

The Commissioners still must vote, but the hearing officer didn’t leave any stones unturned, offering 400 pages of reasons to deny the merger. What do we do now?

This doesn’t happen enough. Money and misinformation campaigns generally prevail over justice and integrity. But unless the commissioners lose their minds and inexplicably vote to overrule the Hearing Examiner’s ruling, we won!

We will post a more detailed blog later this week with speaking points derived from the Hearing Examiner’s own findings and then we will want to bury the PRC Commissioners with calls and emails describing why they should vote “no” on the merger and support the hearing examiner’s findings. But for now, pop the champagne. This is HUGE. Tonight we toast New Energy Economy!


More Battles to Win: Why We Question Net Zero

I’ve been working on a post on the considerable dangers of uncritically rushing to sign on to the Guv’s net zero initiative. Suffice to say, I’ve uncovered a raft of research warning of the many failings of the policy and the importance of being wary of policy makers who use net zero to provide a veneer of climate action while allowing business as usual.

I’ve also done tons of research on how the ETA’s many shortcomings (huge shortcomings) and the uncritical rush to pass the legislation no matter what its limitations, raises concerns that the same uncritical rush is being used to press legislators and the public to support the Guv’s plan without conducting due diligence into precisely what the legislation would and wouldn’t do.

That post and the research supporting it has taken over a week to complete, but it still requires one or two more reads. But having gotten word on the PRC Hearing Examiner’s report, and this being our last night with our daughter before we fly back home tomorrow, we want to celebrate this win and hang out with our daughter. HOME SOON. Stay tuned for more on net zero.

In Solidarity and Hope,

Paul & Roxanne


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  2. This is a very refreshing blog post! Thank you!

  3. Bravo!! Thank you and New Energy Economy for your incredible efforts to bring the truth to power, and they listened.

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