Update on Paul: All Good News

Good Morning Friends and Allies,

The very good news is that Paul is doing great! He was moved from the Neuro ICU at UNM Hospital on Saturday to the stroke management unit. And he’s already been cleared to go to an inpatient stroke rehab center in Santa Fe, but we’re waiting for a bed to “open up.” I expect to hear from his case manager this morning about whether that may happen today. Fingers crossed.

As you might imagine, Paul is eager to get out of the hospital and get home. He’s doing so well, it sounds like he may just have a week or so in the rehab unit, and then I’ll bring him home. We’re so grateful and lucky that we were able to get him the critical care that he needed quickly and that he’s expected to recover completely with no residual symptoms.

As we all know, this is not the case for many people in our state and across the country. When money, insurance, and access are the difference between life and death or lifelong disability, we know we are doing something wrong. Universal healthcare is how we can fix this terrible inequity, and thank goodness we are on our way to making that a reality in New Mexico. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.”

For those of you who are interested in the medical details, without getting too much into the weeds, here is an explanation of what happened, which we (family) were relieved and intrigued to learn: Paul has absolutely no risk factors for stroke – no high blood pressure, no diabetes, no heart issues, no genetic markers, etc. They say he sustained a small tear in his carotid artery, which typically happens after some kind of accident or blow to the neck and can happen at any age. (We’re not sure how it happened; he was not aware of injuring his neck.) The artery naturally forms a clot to heal itself, which it did, and his carotid artery on the right side was then completely blocked. Part of the clot then broke off and went to his brain.

The amazing neurosurgeon at UNM, Dr. Andrew Carlson, was able to remove most of the clot in his artery and the clot in his brain on Wednesday night (through interventional radiology, which is less invasive than actual surgery). His son Josh and I spoke to Paul by phone late Wednesday night right after the surgery and he had already improved dramatically. As they say: The miracles of modern medicine!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful notes and well-wishes. Paul and I have read every single one and I want all of you to know that we are touched, we are soothed, and we are uplifted by your heartfelt well-wishes. He continues to improve daily and he’s talking about writing a blog sometime soon. If you do see a blog from him in the next week, please forgive the typos! 😉

We are humbled and honored to be connected to this amazing network of activists across the state. The support and encouragement that we give each other is essential — not just to our work as activists but to our personal strength and endurance that keeps us going and keeps us hopeful every day.

Thanks again for your tremendous support. We’ll keep you posted.

With gratitude, relief, and hope,


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  1. Fabulous news… thank you for the update!

  2. Thank you, Roxanne. So glad to hear the better news. We look forward to seeing Paul back in the fight very soon.

  3. Hello Roxanne, I am not a very vocal voice, but totally support Retake Our Democracy. All my heart-felt wishes for a prompt recovery for Paul and of course his being able to spearhead with you this beautiful state-level movement for a better world.

  4. Thank you, thank you, Roxanne, for letting us in. And for the context of inequality—easy to lose sight of when focused on a loved one.

    Yippee. Paul, I’m so glad that your present situation is improving so FAST. Amazing. Maybe even more pleased about your missing risk factors. This can be a one-off. Yay!

  5. That is wonderful and reassuring news. So glad Paul was in such capable and caring hands. You take care, too, Roxanne. It takes its toll on you as well.

  6. Excellent news Roxanne and thanks for the Gandhi quote. And thanks for sending this news.

  7. That is great news! Thank you for sharing and keeping us updated on Paul’s health. Wishing you all the best as you navigate this recovery.

  8. So pleased that the medical community were ready, willing, and able to take care of Paul! WOW!

  9. Thank you for the update! I will tell INH members tonight at our meeting with Brian Colon! Paul, please take is easy so your recovery is fast! We all need you!


    • T hank you for the Kind note. All thesee notes really lift rRxane”ss and my spirits .Glad you have this ultra timely appearance of Brian Colon PLEASE be sure to tell Brian thaat iNH and RETAKE ARE Expecting him TO SOON ANNOUNCE an independent investigation of the serious charges GAINST THe AG and Marcus Rael. and to ask Brian when he feels that will happen. Give BIG HUGS TO all my pals at Inidivisible i Nob Hill. You guys rock. Hope to be to a meeting soon. sure wish i could be at this one


      • Already itching to be back in the fight for justice! We all surely feel your spirit with us while you’re recuperating.

  10. The news about Paul was shocking. I feel like you two are friends, and am so thankful for Paul’s recovery and for your keeping us updated. Thank you, Roxanne. Take care of yourselves. You are treasures.

  11. Such excellent news, I’ve never heard of a stroke like that, thanks for explaining. Wishing you all the best.

  12. Thanks for all the good news. Hope a bed becomes available soon as it will be easier having Paul in Santa Fe.

  13. Wonderful news, Roxanne. Thank you for this update. And best wishes for Paul’s continued healing. The miracles of medicine, indeed!

  14. Thank Goodness! I will continues to send healing vibes his way. You must be so relieved Roxanne! Sending hugs to you both
    Janet Warner

    • Thanks, Janet and be well.

      • Paul and Roxanne, I am so sorry about your “scare,” but am glad you are home and under the watchful eye of your family. Indivisible Las Cruces owes you both a great debt for your inspiration and help in the ongoing work for Democracy. For now, no work, just rest.

  15. Thanks so much Roxanne, for sharing the reassuring, welcome news about Paul’s recovery. Blessings to you both & gratitude for all you do to make NM more equitable, healthy, safe.
    Big hugs,

  16. Wonderful news! Thanks, Roxanne, for the updates on Paul’s bouncing back. Sending lots of strength and good energy to you, Paul. You have certainly given so many of us strength and energy.

  17. Thank you, Roxanne, for this update. Love and best wishes to you both.

  18. Thank you for the update, Roxanne. So relieved that Paul is doing so well. My continued prayers and blessings to you, Roxanne, and to Paul.

  19. Hi Roxanne, As a supporter of Retake Our Democracy I am sending love out to you and Paul.

  20. So glad. Thanks Roxanne.

  21. What great news! And intriguing as to how it happened. The human body is an amazing tool!

  22. Such good news! I have been thinking about you both since your first blog on this and am in awe of your very quick response to Paul’s condition and the subsequent treatment and recovery. It’s an inspiration for all of us. Much love and healing thoughts! You are such important leaders/members of our community and our state!

  23. Glad to hear Paul is doing better. What a scare!

  24. Best wishes and speedy recovery to Paul!

  25. Bravo Paul and Roxanne. Sforza!!

  26. Thanks for the update Roxanne! I am thrilled Paul is on the mend, healing quickly and is getting the best medical treatment. The stroke rehab will get him strengthened and back to co-leading Retake’s activism agenda. The medical cause you shared is very import
    ant to me on a personal level.

  27. Thank you so much for the good news update. What a deal, huh? I’m so glad to know that you are doing remarkably well, Paul. Can’t wait to hear that you are well enough to come home.

  28. Thank you Roxanne! Wonderful update! Bravo! Blessings for all of us! We’re all in this together!, with Love!

  29. So happy to hear this news! Thanks for letting us know, and Roxanne – reminding us of all the people who don’t get such a outcome because of poverty and poor access to medical care – you guys are an inspiration. Both of you take care of yourselves.

  30. The news is very heartening. I hope Paul continues to improve at his gang-buster rate.

  31. Such positive news and a speedy recovery thanks to critical and timely intervention! Continue to improve each day, Paul, and thank you Roxanne for keeping us all up to date!

  32. Fantastic news! Cristy and I send good energy your way and may your recovery be swift and complete. We were, of course, stunned to the point of speechless to hear the news. Looking forward to seeing you good folks again soon.

  33. Relief- relief- relieve- and is important with any sudden impact on our physical, emotional, spiritual states to grapple with how or why it entered our lives. balance- healing- safe

  34. So pleased to hear of your progress, Paul. We need you and Roxanne to keep us focused. Take the time needed for healing.

  35. Hurray!!! So happy to hear this news, and perhaps by now Paul has moved on to his next rehab facility. We’re all cheering you on!

  36. I”m so glad to hear he doing better. I know he will have a speedy recovery.

  37. Roxanne and Paul,
    You’ve been in my heart and prayers since I first read of Paul’s stroke. Your update to us is so appreciated and I’m so very happy for your quick action, treatment, and care. You are valued in our community and state and I’ll continue to hold for your full recovery. Judy

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