A Big Scare: Paul Hospitalized but Doing Well

Dear Friends and Fellow Advocates,

I’m sorry to tell you all that Paul had a stroke on Wednesday afternoon and, as you might expect, our advocacy work, including this blog, has come to a halt. For now. Though it was a serious stroke and gave us a big scare, Paul is much better already and is expected to make a full recovery over time. We were able to rush him to the hospital and get him the stroke drug within an hour. He was then airlifted to Albuquerque and had a successful procedure to remove the clot on Wednesday evening.

His older son Josh and I spent the day with him at the hospital yesterday and he’s already made great improvements! He’s asking for his laptop so he can communicate directly with friends and return to his blog-writing soon. It will take some time for him to fully recuperate, and I am going to do my best to try to get him to slow down from his usual pace, but it won’t be easy!

I’m publishing this post today so that the reason for the pause in our work is clear. And luckily it will be just that – a pause, not an ending. We feel blessed and immensely grateful that Paul is doing so well. Whew!

I want to tell you how much we appreciate the enthusiasm and commitment of all of you who dedicate your time and energy to protecting and uplifting the people, the communities, and the environment of our beautiful state. We look forward to continuing to inform, engage, and collaborate with all of you for many years into the future. There is still so much work to do, and when we all join together in our commitment to social, racial, economic, and environmental justice, our accomplishments can be transformational.

I encourage you to send your comments and well-wishes to Paul by responding to this post below. He loves to hear from you!

In gratitude, solidarity, and hope,


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  1. Hi Paul,
    I am just seeing all of this initially very scary and now very, very happy news. It must have been terrifying for everyone. But how wonderful to have had the best that medicine has to offer, all in the nick of time, thanks in large part, I’m sure, to Roxanne. Hope your recovery will be swift and full, but that you’ll take some time to fully recover before jumping back into full-time over-load. New Mexico needs you in it for the long haul and so do we.
    Sending hugs and best wishes from Taos

  2. Wow, what a scare for you and Roxanne and your family!! But it sounds like you are getting a lucky pass….so take it easy and give yourself the time you need to fully recover…..because the fight continues and we need your passion, leadership and knowledge.
    Best wishes, Susan McGrew

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