2021 Legislative Priorities

Issues/Bills We Will Support Leading Up to the 2021 Session

Below you will find a short list of some of the legislation that either didn’t pass or wasn’t even considered this year, that we will fight for in the months leading up to the 2021 Session. We will flesh this list out with more details as we collaborate with our allies.

  1. Create a Just Transition Plan for New Mexico
  2. Decriminalize Abortion
  3. Implement the Health Security Act (HSA study funded in 2019 will be ready this fall)
  4. Form a State Public Bank
  5. Plan for a Paid Legislature
  6. Adopt Energy Choice Aggregation
  7. Increase Royalties & Penalties on Oil & Gas Operations
  8. Approve Community Solar
  9. Legalize Marijuana
  10. Increase Working Families Tax Credit
  11. Amend the Energy Transition Act
  12. Expand telecommunications and internet access in rural NM
  13. Implement an Electric Vehicle Tax Credit
  14. Impose a Fracking Moratorium
  15. Form an Independent Redistricting Commission
  16. Lower Small Loan APR Rates
  17. Prevent Disclosure of Personal Information by State Agencies
  18. Increase Funding for Rural Libraries
  19. Legalize End of Life Options
  20. Ban the Use of Produced Water
  21. Approve Vote-by-Mail in NM
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