2021 Legislative Priorities Survey Results

Below are the results of over 1,100 respondents to our 2021 Legislative Priorities Survey.

In the first column is the bill/issue name. (To make this table fit on the screen, we had to use short abbreviations.) If you are viewing this on your phone, please know that it is far easier to view on your laptop or tablet.

The survey asked respondents to indicate if they strongly approve, approve, need more info, oppose, or strongly oppose. Columns 2 and 3 provide the percent of respondents strongly approving and approving.

The survey also asked respondents to rank the bills from top priority through 8th priority. This question elicits a better understanding of respondent priorities — with the approval responses, people could indicate strongly approve for all 15 bills and the result would not be very discriminating. We created a weighted average of those rankings and this weighted average is presented in the far right column. The lower the number, the higher the priority. Bills are listed according to their average ranking.

You’ll see that Abortion Decriminalization and the Health Security Plan and Design were at the top the list of Transformational Bills, with Increasing Permanent Funding for Early Childhood and the Green Amendment close in the 3rd and 4th position. Legalizing Cannabis and creating a Public Bank were virtually tied for the fifth and sixth ranking. It is worth noting that bills on our list are ranked “approve” or “strongly approve” by a 76-92% of respondents. We know what we want; now we need to tell our legislators to do it.

BillStrong AppApproveAvg
Abortion Decrim84%8%2.91
Health Sec.58193.10
Early Child.54223.78
Green Amend53273.91
Legal Cann.60194.33
Public Bank69154.37
Tax & Rev56264.69
Paid Sick Lv54204.79
Local Choice67144.79
Oil/Gas Bond61214.95
Work Fam Tx58124.95
ETA Amend63165.09
Loan Cap52255.34
Food & Ag64205.35
H2O Gov.56255.37