A Look Back at a Momentous Week, A Look Forward to 2021 NM Legislative Session and an Update on Trump

Last week’s posts (links & summaries included) include some very important analysis of where we stand as a nation and today we begin the pivot to the 2021 Legislative Session with several legislator events and a preview of our strategy.

Before we begin, just a plea for all of you to carefully consider your Thanksgiving plans. It is increasingly clear that we must protect the integrity of our household “bubbles” and not risk small gatherings, no matter how difficult that may be. With virus news looking so promising (another test from Moderna indicates a 94.5% effective rate), maybe 2021 we can all be traveling to family and celebrating a most amazing gathering. And won’t we be thankful then. Stay safe.

2021 Legislative Session is Calling

You will want to catch tomorrow’s post, as we will layout out our 2021 Legislative Strategy and the bills that we are planning to support. The list is comprised of 15 Transformative Bills and 20+ other bills. We have been having conversations with legislators and NGOs advancing bills for this session and so we have a pretty good handle on what will be introduced, although we don’t know bill numbers or titles, as yet. We have also been having conversations with advocates statewide and we are developing an interesting strategy for launching advocacy almost immediately. We will also describe the importance of a decision to be made by the Democratic Senate Caucus on Saturday, the vote for Pro-Tem. Tune in tomorrow (maybe Wednesday).

Tuesday, Dec. 1, 6:30 – 8 pm. Election Debrief and 2021 Legislative Agenda Review with Senate Floor Leader Peter Wirth and Speaker of the House Brian Egolf. We will discuss how the primaries and the general election have altered the Democratic caucuses in the House and Senate and what those changes mean for getting transformational legislation passed in 2021. We will also discuss the national election and what has been a pretty surreal November.

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Represent US Santa Fe in Conversation with Peter Wirth. Tuesday, November 17. 6pm-7:30pm. Click to register for this conversation with Peter Wirth

November 14, 2020. Retake Conversation with Miguel Acosta, Co-Director, Earth Care. A tremendous conversation as Miguel is as astute as it gets in identifying systemic racism and climate, racial and economic injustices. We spoke about plans for expanding an asphalt plant next to low-income housing in the southside, as well as the obelisk and the cities failed response. What’s more, we spoke about something I knew nothing about, evidence of systemic racism and lack of transparency in NM state Covid testing. Shocking. Click here to watch this conversation.

Election Brief: Increasingly, it looks as if Trump’s efforts at a coup are failing miserably. His furious tweeting seems more like flailing away in desperation than any kind of genuinely strategic effort. While his crazed comments may fire up a segment of his supporters, I’ve got to think that sober Republicans are cringing and that state Republican legislators are not going to vote to decertify a clearly legal vote in any state, just to get four more years of this. Certainly, he will find more ways to surprise us, but it is getting increasingly pathetic. As Roxanne put it; let him just play golf every day and let govenment run on its own with him preoccupied with his golf score and cell phone. I just hope his next term is in prison.

A Look Back at Last Week’s Posts

If you missed any of the posts below, I highly recommend you catch up as each post has good reasons for your review, especially the post on the CD-2 race. Read on, friends.

A Week We Will Never Forget, Plus a Look At How Divided We Are & What Biden Can Do By Executive Order….
An Inspiring List Indeed

Monday, November 9. Along with what Biden can do without Congress, we offer an examination of just how divided our country is, a powerful, tearful video from Van Jones & summaries and links to last week’s posts, a tour of a tension wrought week ending in joy.

Click here to read the full post.

“I’ve Got Georgia On My Mind”: Tools & Resources for the Georgia Runoff 

Tuesday, November 10. It is impossible to overstate what is at stake: two runoff wins & the Dems will have a free hand to heal our nation and begin reversing the travesty of injustice that has been the Trump term. If we lose even one of the races, McConnell will be in charge. In ths post, we offer info on the importance of these Senate runoff races, contact information for the campaigns and then at the end, a little soulful inspiration from Ray Charles to ensure you have “Georgia on Your Mind.” Also just above the Ray Charles video is an 8:45 am update thanks to Heather Karlson. She has identified some other ways to effectively support Georgia effort beyond donations and calls. Read on.

Click here to read the full post.

Lessons from Georgia, Stacey Abrams, the DNC, DPNM and Xochitl Torres Small & a Tribute to Our Vets

Wednesday, November 11. Too often Dems try the same formula: appease moderate Dems, appeal to the GOP, and ignore the middle class, the working poor, and the untapped, unengaged populations that could expand your base. Our CD-2 race was a disaster; Georgia provides a different model. Read on. We need to find some means of shifting both the NM Democratic Party and the DNC or we could be in for a big surprise in 2022 and 2024. Also in this post, since it is Veteran’s Day, we pay tribute to those who have given their lives and those vets who continue to fight for peace. There were some excellent comments at the bottom of this post, as readers weighed in.

Click here to read the full post.

Guest Post: Observing how Trump Has Been Defeated While Trumpism Remains a Threat

Friday, November 13. Today, a News In Brief on gas & oil money in the NM legislature & another with Covid-19 advice for staying safe. But today’s focus is a guest post on Trumpism & how we can ensure we douse those flames, by winning Georgia & passing good legislation, i.e. actually govern in the interest of all Americans.

Click here to read the full post.

In solidarity and hope,

Paul & Roxanne

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