First, Huge Polling News and then a Study In Contrasts…

A short one today offering a contrast between Biden’s caring manner and the egomaniacal behavior of a president who can only think of himself. We offer a view on both candidates & national polling that suggests, Nov 3 could be Liberation Day.

Spread the Word on Amendment I: The more we think about it, the less we like Amendment I. Many commented that yesterday’s post recommending a NO vote was both very clearly stated and important. Several folks changed their minds and others were even more angered by the amendment than before.

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Polling News:

Before we offer commentary on Biden, Trump and the election, a bit of polling news, all very, very good. Polls published on Wednesday show the following results:

  • Biden leading in national polling with most polls showing 10+ point advantage and Thursday, one poll showing Biden + 18.
  • Biden leading in PA by 13 points and in Florida by 11 points. These are huge increases in states won by Trump in 2016.
  • Biden leading by at least 5 points in Nevada, Arizona, Iowa, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. Trump won Iowa handily in 2016 and also won AZ, NC and WI.
  • Biden narrowly leading in Ohio a state Trump won in 2016.
  • Biden tied in Texas (a state Trump won by 9 points in 2016)
  • Trump leads Biden by but 5% in Missouri, a state he won by 19 points in 2016
  • The Cook Political Report has called Jaime Harrison’s race against Lindsay Grahame a toss up (Thursday polling shows Harrison + 1%) and Democrats are leading in at least five key Senate races and surging in many others, including to unseat McConnell.

Liberation Day is coming. A couple of supporters have indicated that it is premature to be speaking of a “liberation day,” as there are immense challenges ahead as the GOP will do all it can to suppress or reverse the vote. Of course, this is true. But this has been a withering year, and we feel it is important to project a day in the future when we can begin repairing our country and when we will be free of the yoke of a mad man. Keep hope alive, but be vigilant and keep active. We don’t just need to win this, a landslide is in reach. And we need a landslide. The fight is long from over.

News In Brief

  • From Bulwark: “The Weirdest 90 Seconds in Presidential History.” This is a very short, very amusing commentary on Trump’s bizarre decision to step out on the balcony of the White House, obviously caked in make-up and panting for breath, to stand erect, rip off his mask, stare fiercely and then salute for a full 23 seconds. Truly a weird moment from a weird president in an endlessly weird year and Bulwark’s brief commentary on the moment is very amusing.
  • From Letters from an American: “Heather Cox Richardson, Oct 5.” Aside from the quote below, HCR goes on to lay out in excruciating detail just how wrong everything about the President’s behavior has been over the past week. HCR does an unsurpassable job of capturing not just what happened, but the implications of what happens.

“Dr. James P. Phillips, from the Walter Reed Hospital, took to Twitter: “Every single person in the vehicle during that completely unnecessary Presidential “drive-by” just now has to be quarantined for 14 days. They might get sick. They may die. For political theater. Commanded by Trump to put their lives at risk for theater. This is insanity.”

Letters from an American: “Heather Cox Richardson, Oct 5.

And, also from Heather Cox Richardson:

“One of the agents assigned to the First Family told CNN “That [Trump limo-ride around the hospital] never should have happened… The frustration with how we’re treated when it comes to decisions on this illness goes back before this though. We’re not disposable.”

Letters from an American: “Heather Cox Richardson, Oct 5.

And Now A Refreshing Contrast

I got an email yesterday and I excerpt a part of it:

“I had to write you.  20 minutes ago, Joe Biden just gave — by far — the greatest speech of his career about “fighting for the soul of this nation”. It was delivered in Pennsylvania at the site of the bloody battlefield of Gettysburg that ended the Civil War and seared our nation’s soul 150 years go.

I can not overstate how strong this 15-minute speech was.  It was amazing. Whoever wrote it should be given a Pulitzer prize. Biden delivered it without drama, straight forward, no frills — and made me proud to be an American again.  I haven’t felt that way for a while now. And when it was over, Nicole Wallace of MSNBC said, “This is the speech that will be remembered from the 2020 campaign.”

email from Retake supporter

Roxanne and I viewed the video of the speech and while not quite as enthralled, found the contrast between the ranting of a madman and the sincerity of a dignified man to be refreshing. 87 days until Biden gets to give a similar speech on the Capitol balcony.

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  1. Indeed November 3 “could” be Liberation Day. I would like to caution everyone that UNLESS the numbers at midnight indicate a CLEAR victory that trump will not leave quietly–probably not quietly anyway. But with a Supreme Court and Republican Governors ready to assist in stealing the election trump could be victorious. Please please please remember that this is a cornered narcissist who has a very uncertain future facing him when he leaves Washington. If we do not believe trump will fight this election we have NOT been listening for the past 4 years and I pity our being UNPREPARED to deal with him after November 3. This victory MUST BE decisive in “swing states”. The Governor’s in both Pennsylvania and Florida have declared their support of contending the results of the elections in their states and I am certain other Republican Governors are prepared to “help” trump be a victor if possible. Let us NOT get cocky here and start a celebration until we actually have something to celebrate. ALSO…votes are NOT Electoral College votes and neither are polls. I am sorry we live in a country where the Electoral College pushes aside our votes but frankly we DO and trump could carry the Electoral College.

    • Charlie, good comment. One correction – the Governor of Pennsylvania is a Democrat, but the Republicans control the legislature and might be able to select an alternate slate of electors without the Governor’s agreement.

  2. He will not leave quietly , 100% agree. I’m 72 and this is the most important vote of my lifetime. We are voting to save our Democracy. Please everyone get out and vote and get everyone you know to vote

  3. Personal emails to your friends and family have enormous effect. Please do send along the link to the Retake assessment of the PRC, and include a note from yourself about why it is important to vote NO on amendment #1. Thank you everyone.

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