Review of Police Violence, Public Banking

We review last week’s focus on police violence and the reform effort to Defund Police, in addition to Public Banking. Then, an update on looming events & a Playing for Change compilation of best live rock performances.

First, a few announcements:

Join Our Zoominar on Public Banking Next Week

Tuesday, June 23, 6:30 – 8pm. Conversation About the Enormous Benefits of Forming a NM State Public Bank with Public Banking advocate leadership & experts in public banking. Please share this link with others. Click here to learn more and to register.

A Conversation with Loveless Johnson III,
Co-Founder of the NM Justice Alliance

Fascinating conversation with Loveless Johnson III, a longtime racial justice activist who launched NM Justice Alliance in response to the murder of George Floyd. Johnson has an interesting background, as well, as he is a commercial hemp entrepreneur and radio personality. The show aired on Saturday June 13 on KSFR.

A Look at Last Week’s Posts

Last week, protests and calls for police reform escalated and Retake examined what “defunding” police could like like and how police unions represent one of the most formidable obstacles to meaningful reform. We closed the week with the first of a two-part examination of why we need a state public bank in NM. Read and share.

Defund Police: What Does That Even Mean?

Tuesday, June 9. We examine the consequences of George Floyd’s murder, analyzing what defunding police could mean. Many of us understand that the US has never really been governed by a democracy or lived up to the ideals expressed in our founding documents. Any democracy that exists today is swiftly eroding under Donald Trump. We examine the implications of the George Floyd murder, how it is different, and what reform could look like — not band-aid reform, not cosmetic reform, real reform. Biden’s speech on police violence is most worth your time, especially for those with little enthusiasm for the presumptive nominee. Click here to read more.

End Police Union Contracts Or Continue to Experience Ongoing Police Violence

Thursday, June 11. We look at how police unions can be the biggest impediment to police accountability, nationally and in ABQ; plus a new statewide police reform initiative emerging in NM and a list of reforms achieved in the US and internationally in just the past two weeks.

This post includes video of our last Zoominar focused on how PNM has manipulated the legislature to maximize profits and avoid regulation by the Public Regulation Commission. If you’ve been confused by the conflicting characterizations of the Energy Transition Act and the puzzling assaults on PRC autonomy, you will want to watch this video. Click here to read more.

Public Banking In NM: A Critical Tool for a Just Economic Recovery & a Sustainable Future

Saturday, June 13. Like the gas & oil industry, the banking industry was teetering on the verge of collapse well before COVID-19. Many feel a recession worse than 2008 lies ahead. A public bank could insulate NM from the consequences, just as the public bank in North Dakota insulated that state. This post offers excerpts from The Atlantic‘s The Looming Banking Collapseto lay out how the banking industry has managed to avoid regulation and is now repeating its continued investment in risky foreign ventures instead of investing in our Nation. The post also provides links and video about public banking and how it could benefit NM. Click here to read this most important post. It is a complex issue that will face fierce opposition from Wall St. To counter that we need to be informed and bold.

A Very Clear Explanation of How a Public Bank Works

Playing For Change: The Top Live Rock Performances of All Time…
First up, Jimi’s National Anthem at Woodstock

And then the Stones, Beatles, Santana, Janis, James Brown, Chuck Berry… You get the idea. Enjoy.

In solidarity and hope,

Paul & Roxanne

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  1. Playing For Change – the very best “All Along the Watchtower”. Check it out.

  2. How about John Lennon’s POWER TO THE PEOPLE? A fitting theme song for what is happening now.

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